Do you like long and charming beautiful hair? Do you want to try to get it by wearing hair extensions? Do you know how to find the best hair vendor online? Keep reading now.

What do you need to know about hair vendors?

If you try to search for hair vendors, you will find there are plenty of hair wholesalers or retailers online. Of course, there are different kinds of hair products are selling by them: virgin hair, Remy hair, synthetic hair, etc. Read on!

Some of the hair extension vendors are manufacturers, and some of them are traders. So, the price and the quality is irregular.

1. Hair Quality

A good hair vendor must be serious about quality control. there are vendors for hair who start out doing the right thing, but they don't always stay on that course.

So many people get scammed when looking for a hair vendor, it's crazy. Some may ship out one batch of good human hair, and then all other shipments, have poor quality.

One of the biggest talked about issues that people have over their hair bundles or hair extensions is that some of them shed! Who wants to shed the hair? That's a sure difference between low-price hair extensions and higher prices.

Quality means everything and if your virgin hair vendor is selling low-quality bundles, then it's time to ditch them and find a new one, soon. But you need to also understand that some level of shedding may occur, but if it's over the norm then that's an issue.

Quality of hair is the number one importance a buyer should be concerned over. It only makes sense for you to buy and wear the hair you sell.

Test it out; wash it, color it, detangle it, etc. If you're selling hair extensions, you must know all about them and love them because your customers will trust you.

So if the quality starts decreasing, change vendors for hair extensions!

wholesale hair vendor

2. Hair vendors spurt in prices

As we know, prices don't stay the same forever, but that doesn't mean they can go up at any time.

There are too many stories of hair vendors randomly increasing prices. If you're a new human hair extensions buyer to a supplier and within 60 days their rates rise, run. As a new buyer, the prices they told you should remain the same for a good while before they go up.

Even when hair product prices begin to increase, they should be reasonable amounts. When I say normal, I'm speaking on fees that may go up for a few dollars along with other quantities, but never drastically.

A drastic price change, for example, would be, if you've been paying $150 for 3 hair bundles and now the price becomes $200; that is drastic, and it happens! If you like your human hair supplier, I would recommend talking to them about it to find out why the prices went up without notice.

If they work with you then great, but if they don't then you should start walking away and find another hair weave vendor!

virgin hair wholesale vendors

The hair wholesale vendors

If you are a trader of hair extensions, and If it ever comes a time when your customers begin complaining too much about the hair they were given, then it's time to find new wholesale vendors for hair. Don't forget you are only the middleman and can do so much!

Reputation is very important for every wholesale hair vendor. If your customers begin complaining too much or even start leaving nasty reviews, it can cause damage to your brand. It will be very wise to make sure your customer service is excellent and that you are ensuring the customer that they can trust you.

However, if your customers complain too much and you're not able to resolve their issues, then you will have to search for a new supplier. Because you're the middleman and just supplying the hair to them, if they have too many issues then you know you have a problem.

So, please don't allow your brand to get tarnished over something your supplier did!

Wholesale virgin hair vendors    

Yes, virgin hair is the best human hair which is raw and unprocessed. If you are an American- African girl, you must not feel strange by these words. You will find that there are many virgin hair vendors online shops.

With high-quality virgin human hair, you can style it, color it, and perm it anyways like your own natural hair. So it is popular and welcomed by the customers.

If you want to find the best hair vendors for virgin human hair, you must learn more about virgin hair and know how to check it to save money and time.

Will you need a good hair vendor?

As you can see, there are many ways to tell if you need a hair vendor. Some are obvious while some you may notice over time.

When you have a hair vendor, you must make sure you have one of the best. As I mentioned earlier if your hair vendor isn't reliable or trustworthy or even has terrible hair, which can very well mess up your brand. Because your customers depend on you, you must find a reliable hair vendor.

One of the most significant benefits of the hair industry is that it's very saturated. But saturation isn't always a bad thing. As far as a hair vendor is concerned it means there are many other suppliers out there for you to pick from who will give you the service you need.

You don't have to stick with one hair vendor because you think that is all you can find. Do your research and make sure you are only dealing with the best!

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How to find the best hair vendors?


1. When you are searching for hair vendors or hair wholesalers, keep in mind hair wholesalers are selling to you to make money. Besides the price, reliability is a key factor to look for in hair wholesalers.

2. Will the hair extension vendors be able to keep up with the demand? A good wholesale hair vendor will ship the correct number of bundles at the correct weight as promised. If something goes wrong, they should be able to still live up to their responsibilities to you to make sure you're accommodated.

3. If you are cooperating with a small hair wholesaler and make large purchases, you'll get more attention and possibly better service and reliability than if you are a small customer of a large hair wholesaler. My suggestion is to split your orders among different hair wholesalers.

4. Hair wholesaler's stability is another key factor when choosing the best wholesale hair vendors. Find hair wholesalers who have been in business for a long time and have done so without changing the business name every few years.

5. A wholesale bundles vendor with a solid reputation should have customer reviews. Some hair wholesalers located overseas take a longer time to get big shipments to you. Hair extensions ordered from overseas also generate added freight charges.

6. Before you place an order with a hair wholesaler, research the kind of hair you want to sell and what's popular, you don't want to purchase hair that won't sell.

Will it be virgin hair?  Will it only be Remy hair? Will you carry colors? What lengths will you go to? Do you want to sell Indian, Malaysian, Brazilian, Russian, etc, etc etc?human hair wholesaler


Almost all of the human hair vendors are claiming that they have the best human hair. But is it the fact? No. But I think you will be aware of this question and have known how to find a good wholesale bundle hair vendor or virgin hair wholesale vendor.