How many people have thought about showing off a crazy hair color trend and then backed out? Underdye hair trend is here to change your perspective and get you super excited to try any color you desire while keeping your natural hair color that you like and minimizing the damage. Keep reading to see different ways to wear this interesting underdye trend, and learn how to apply this popular hair color technique to your style.

interesting underdye trend

What is underdye hair?

The underdye hair trend is to apply bright hair dye to the back of your neck or the longest layer below the top of your cut so that when your hair is loose, you can peek under your natural hair color. Just imagine how gorgeous it will be when the wind blows through your hair. Best of all when the color fades and you want to refresh your look without re-coloring, you can have your mane trimmed or treated to effectively hide the bleached strands until it grows out and recovers.The underdye hair trend is to apply bright hair dye to the back of your neck
Underdye hair color is a great way to try out a new color without having to go all in. In addition, you can create some really cool effects by matching different colors, such as dyeing the bottom of white blonde hair black, or adding a bright iridescent hue. The process is the same as dyeing all hair, except you create a section that separates the hair at the top.

How to dye hair undercolor? 

The underdye hair trend is making a big comeback, and modern technology is making it better than ever. According to my tutorials, you can create a underdye hair color at home.

How to dye hair undercolor

1. Get your hair dye kit ready

Place towels, hairpins, timers, and combs on your work surface, as well as gloves and hair dye. You can also purchase a hairdresser's cape to wear over your clothes.

2. Mix the dye according to the instructions

Make sure you read the instructions carefully, even if you have dyed your hair before, as the specific techniques can vary between different brands and even between product lines of the same brand.
If you are using semi-permanent dyes, including most iridescent and pink systems, you may not need to mix anything.

3. Comb your hair thoroughly

Take the time to comb your hair before starting to dye it, if your hair is knotted it will be difficult to get a perfectly smooth part. Use a comb to create a horizontal section behind each ear. If you want to dye less hair, lower this section and use bobby pins or ponytail retainers to secure the top layer of hair to the top of the head.

4. Start dyeing your hair

Once the dye is mixed and you put on your gloves, you can start coloring your hair. Soak the roots of your hair first, as they take the longest time to develop color. Then, apply it section by section, from the roots to the ends, in each piece of hair. If you need to, use your fingers to apply the dye to your hair. Make sure to smear the top and bottom of the bottom layer.

5. Wash your hair

Don't put your dyed hair with other hair, or the dye will transfer. Don't leave the dye on your hair longer than the instructions suggest! Rinse the dye off with cold water until the water runs clear. Don't use any shampoos and avoid using hot water, as these will lift the cuticle of your hair and wash the dye away.

What is the best color combination for underdye hair?

The color you choose for the bottom of your hair is important and needs to be thought through. You need to consider how well the color looks with the rest of your hair and skin tone. Here are some of the fashion world's favorite underdye hair ideas.

some of the fashion world's favorite underdye hair ideas.

1. Gorgeous orange underdye with brown hair

If you want to try authentic bright hair colors, orange underdye with brown hair, or a mix of colors like the rainbow hair color trend, undertones or under-highlights is the color techniques you can rely on.

2. Chocolate and blonde underdye highlights

If you have chocolate hair and dark skin, the chocolate and blonde underdye hair will be your choice, and with highlights, you'll be the brightest star on the street.

3. Blue and purple gradient underdye style

Showing off bright hues like pink, purple, orange, or blue is a pretty bold move. Blue with purple is a bold color, which is not for the faint of heart, choosing bright hues to admire rather than try.

4. Peekaboo underdye highlights

The peekaboo underdye highlights is a colorful locs hidden under the hair lead layer. These peekaboo highlights are generally not visible when using the hair, especially when the hair is not moving. With peeking hair, this highlights technique is perfect for women who are professional but want to be bold.