Split hair color is a hot new trend right now. Split dye hair is a fashionable style that involves splitting hair in the middle and dyeing each half a different color. This is a great way to embrace your inner artist and express yourself creatively. Today I'm going to show you how to do split dye hair at home and the most popular split hair dye ideas in 2022.

Split dye hair is a fashionable style that involves splitting hair in the middle and dyeing each half a different color

What is split dyed hair?

Split dye hair, also known as "half and half hair," is a hair color design. When you dye half of your head one color and the other half another color, which is split hair dye. Split dye short hair will be the latest hair trend.When you can dye your hair in two different colors, why just choose one color? I think just the fool will only choose one color.

Split dye hair, also known as "half and half hair," is a hair color design

Split dye hair is a new hair color trend around the world. Whether you choose split dye hair brown and blonde, silver, and purple, or split dye hair black and blonde, split hair colors are a great way to express yourself.
Some people like to use prominent colors as split dye hair, such as neon pink combined with bold blue hair dye. Others prefer muted colors, such as peach and blonde split dye hair or a combination of gray and black. But no matter what color you choose, this hairstyle of split dye hair is fun, stylish, and cool.

How to do split dye hair at home?

Yes, you can do split dye hair at home! But coloring your hair, especially with two colors, takes some finesse. You should split your hair in the right way, you need to know how to prepare it, how to choose colors, how to divide the hair, how to dye it, and how to keep it in style. Follow my steps to do split dye hair at home.

Yes, you can do split dye hair at home!

1. Choose your dyes and tools carefully

After you've picked out the color you want, it's time to decide if you want to use permanent or semi-permanent dyes. If you're really ready to dive in, permanent hair dye may be your best bet. Semi-permanent dyes last only four to six weeks.
Temporary dyes are not without their benefits, however. Since they fade faster, you can change colors more frequently. Also, if you don't like the colors you pick, you don't have to spend too much time with them.

2. Get your hair ready

Unless you're naturally super blonde, you might want to bleach your hair before you dye it. This will give the colorful hair dye a blank surface to absorb. Even if you don't bleach your hair first, some dyes can still work, but you may not get the exact results you're looking for.
Once your hair is ready, make sure it's completely undone before you dye it. Trust us. Teasing dye through knotted hair can be a pain. If you want to have the best split dye hair, before dyeing your hair, you would better comb your hair.

3. Part your hair

Use a pin tail comb to place your hair where you want to separate the colors. Most people go straight down the middle to get a symmetrical look, but you don't necessarily have to be super precise with it. Tie or clip one side of your hair to keep it well out of the way.

4. Start dyeing split hair

•Put on your gloves.
•Part the right side of your hair back and let the left side down.
•Use a dye brush to apply the dye to the hair on the left.
•Once the hair is completely saturated, brush the dye through the hair with a comb.
•Use a mirror to check anything you may have missed.
•Clip the left side of your hair to your scalp.
• Repeat on the other side. Be sure to wear a new pair of gloves for a new color.
•After finishing dyeing, wait at least 30 minutes.

5. Wash hair

Rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water. Make sure the water is clear and colorless before stopping. Follow with a deep conditioner to help lock in moisture. Then... Look! Your split dye hair has been partitioned.

Your split dye hair has been partitioned.

5 hottest spilt dye hair ideas

Want to know what color will create the latest split dye hair? Check out these beautiful split hair dye ideas!

1. Blue and pink split dye hair

How gorgeous is this light blue and pink split dye hair! The colors are certainly pleasing to the eye. If you have a light or pale complexion, these shades will complement your complexion nicely.

2. Yellow and light purple split dye hair

When fall rolls around and you want split dye hair that matches your happy mood, we recommend the yellow and light purple split dye hair. Wear your hair down and straight for an edgy, modern appearance.

3. Red and pink split dye hair

Another beautiful display, split hair dye featuring red, but this split hair dye adds dark pink on the other side. With these two colors, you can be both feminine and avant-garde punk.

4. Split dye hair with caramel highlights

If you are a girl with dark skin and with natural black hair color, you can easily pull a bright red on one side. The other side can leave your natural color, but highlight it with beautiful caramel color. Split hair with caramel highlights will be your first choice in autumn.

5. Black and blonde split dye hair

Whether your hair is naturally black, or you're just looking for a more characteristic tone, black and blonde split hair will meet your requirement. We love seeing these colors in cute updos with loose curls. Black split dye hair always be the classic.

6. Dark red and black split dye hair

Another hot edgy two-tone hairstyle is this dark red and black split dye on long straight hair. This version features red on top and black on the bottom. It's a different kind of split dye hair, but it still looks pretty good.

7. Bright red and brown-green split dye hair

There are two hair colors that don't often appear together in women's hairstyles: light brown and green. Surprisingly, hair color as a split can actually work very well. Add a fierce burst of bright red to this obtuse Bob with bangs cut off and you've got a killer!

8. Orange and black split dye hair

There's nothing more creative than a bright orange-red and black split hair color paired with a dark blue shading. You can even add geometric lines or patterns to your bottom cut to accentuate it.