Butterscotch hair color has become the hottest hair trend right now. This creamy, light brown tint has a natural warmth that looks great on any skin tone. Not only does the butterscotch hair color look great on natural hair, but there are also protective styling options! In today's article, I'm going to tell you how to get butterscotch hair color at home.

butterscotch hair color

What is butterscotch hair color?

Butterscotch hair color is a unique, warm tone between caramel blonde and golden brown. Just like its name, have rich golden caramel tones that can even extend into the realm of copper blonde or strawberry blonde.
Warm butterscotch hair color is super trendy right now. It's a refreshing change from the soft, cool hues that have stolen the spotlight in recent months, such as platinum and ash brown. So if you're looking for something fantastic, and unusual, yet close to nature, butterscotch tones can be a way out.What is butterscotch hair color?
Butterscotch hair color combines the depth of bronzer and golden brown with the glitter and warmth of gold and caramel. When it comes to butterscotch hair color, there is no one size fits. Any lady hoping to give her hair a golden glow should try this color.
If you have a warm skin tone, you'll look better with a butter brown hair color. In general, we recommend using lighter shades of brown. Whether it's Balayage, Ombre, or highlight will look good. How to get a butterscotch hair color at home?
Is your skin tone pale or light? The lighter your skin tone, the lighter blonde you'll naturally be able to pull off with butterscotch hair color. If you have a more moderate skin tone, you can go for a darker blonde.

How to get a butterscotch hair color at home?

If you're looking for a rich, three-dimensional color for 2023, look no further than butterscotch hair color. Think of butterscotch hair color as autumn's sister with caramel highlights. They all add dimension, but the butter brown is deeper and richer, which means it reflects the shine well.
To get butterscotch hair color at home, start with a brown base or dye your hair brown so you can add butter caramel highlights for contrast and rich color and size.

What are the best butterscotch hair color ideas for 2023?

Are you looking for the latest hair color? Then maybe it's time for you to try a new outrageous color that's sure to set some trends.

1. Butterscotch blonde Balayage

If you want a hair color that gradually transitions from a warm light brown tone to a golden yellow, the butterscotch blonde Balayage is for you!
With its soft, sun-kissed tones, Balayage will give you an effortless "just stepped off the beach" feeling.

2. Butterscotch with copper highlights

For those who want something a little more subtle than full-blown hair dye, copper highlights are the way to go! Not only do they give depth and texture, but they also make people feel more alive.
Not only do they bring depth and texture to a warm skin tone, but they also bring out your natural features. Butterscotch with copper highlights is perfect.

3. Honey brown and butterscotch hair

Are you looking for something classic yet modern? Just look at the honey-brown and butterscotch hair! This color looks good on everyone. It is adding warmth and dimension without being too intense. By the way, honey brown and butterscotch hair go well with any outfit or makeup!

4. Butterscotch and brown lowlights

If you want a more subtle approach to the hair color of butterscotch hair, try adding some low light instead of highlights for a softer effect that will still have a shock when mixed with your natural tone.

5. Classic butterscotch

If you're looking for a timeless look, classic butterscotch is the way to go. This all-around blonde is perfect for people who like to keep it simple and natural. It's also great if you want to keep a low profile and don't need to make frequent trips to the salon for grooming.


You already know that butterscotch hair color is a perfect combination of caramel brown and blonde. Actually, it's a hue that looks like it is just melted and drizzled over your head It usually starts out light to medium brown with a warm golden or honey undertone that gives an almost caramel hue. The butterscotch hair color can add a little dimension and sparkle to your look. It's perfect for anyone looking for a timeless style that will always be on-trend. Because no matter how you style it, whether it's smooth straight hair or soft beach waves, butterscotch hair color looks amazing. No matter how you wear it, butterscotch hair color will always add a touch of warmth and sweetness to your ensemble!