If you like a carefree life filled with fun and joy, you can make your point with a hippie hairstyle. The word hippie is given to the young generation who oppose society's general ideas. Nowadays, young girls are looking for a cool hairstyle, and the hippie hairstyle is sure to be the best for them. Read on to find out more details about the hippie hairstyle, and I recommend five of the most popular hippie hairstyles for 2023 you can try each one.

What is hippie hairstyle?

In fact, hippie hairstyles are not new, having been in vogue since the 1960s and 1970s. In the past, young girls liked to wear unusual hairstyles to complement their personalities. Of course, the same is true now. From free, romantic waves with puffy bangs to curls with tin braids, there are plenty of ways to pull away the hippie hairstyle. What is hippie hairstyle?
The hippie hairstyle is mainly concentrated on long shoulder hair length, you can wear heavy sunglasses, and a lot of hair accessories, such as scarves, delicate headbands, hair accessories, and flowers to decorate your hippie hairstyle. Hippie hairstyles are usually very cool, and flattering, and give people a cute feeling. This hairstyle is seen at music festivals, parties, and all sorts of events in the summer. As long as your hair is long, you can experiment with a variety of hippie hairstyles and show off your creativity.

How to get hippie hairstyles?

Now that you know that hippie hairstyles can make you feel extraordinary, you must be wondering how to get this unique hairstyle. Here are 5 hippie hairstyles that are really appealing and you can ask your stylist for help. These hippie hairstyles have been introduced since the 1960s. However, the later years and decades of the 60s and 70s pulled this trend up a lot, and now they are back on the scene, stealing our hearts with gorgeous looks.

1. Hippie hairstyles with bandana

Hippie hairstyles with bandana

Perhaps the best hairstyle to use with a bandana is the hippie hairstyle. Do you like bandanas? When you're bored with the long hairstyle in your daily life, you can try this awesome and one of the cutest everyday hairstyles. Because it accentuates the beauty of the face by gathering the top half of the hair and letting it gather in a long way at the back. If you have a heart face shape, the hippie hairstyle with a bandana is your best choice.

2. Half top knot hippie hairstyles

Half top knot hippie hairstyles

The knot hairstyle is a very sensual and cool hairstyle that goes well with all occasions. You can try a half top knot for a day out, a college event, or a daily casual look. The half top knot hippie hairstyles are easy to make and easy to maintain. As for how to do half top knot hippie hairstyles, you just need to take all the hair on the top of your head and tie it together in a high bun. Secure it with a rubber band, and then curl a few strands of hair in a bun and secure it with bobby pins. Grow out the rest of your hair, and you can dress in elegant and cold clothes.

3. Twisted front French braid hippie hairstyles

Twisted front French braid hippie hairstyles

For those who are looking for a front braid hairstyle with long hair, as it is a very elegant and unique hairstyle, the twisted front French braid hippie hairstyle is the one for you. For long, supple hair, you would better add a side braid to the front and keep adding a wisp from the top as you continue braiding. Add hairspray to the braid to keep it intact and away from your face, giving it a twisted look with a gorgeous appeal. If you have kinky hair, the twisted front French braid hippie hairstyle will be your preference.

4. 70s hippie hairstyles

70s hippie hairstyles

The hippie hairstyle of the 70s is popular with every woman these days. Whether you're looking for a feathered hairstyle or an African hairstyle, they're all the rage right now. By the way, you can supplement them with a scarf and a headband.

5. Hippie dread hairstyles

Hippie dread hairstyles

Braids are an important feature of hippie hairstyles. You can do all this and add colorful beads to give it a more distinctive look. You can also tie a bun in the middle of your head to loosen some of the braids. The dread hairstyle is friendly with African American women.


The hippie hairstyle is now the new hope in the fashion world, with modern young girls idolizing cool and loose hippie hairstyles. You can wear this hairstyle for any occasion or favorite event, such as a wedding or dance. Summer is almost here, so choose the coolest hippie hairstyle and hit the beach!