What comes to mind when talking about holographic hair? The multidimensional holographic hair color is a growing trend that's stealing the show in Instagram and Pinterest images, and today, I'm going to cover knowledge about this holographic hair trend and how to achieve this rainbow of hair color.

holographic hair

What is holographic hair?

What is holographic hair? As the name suggests, holographic hair is a way of dyeing hair so that it looks like a reflective holographic surface. It looks like changing color to make the hair look deformed, which is a really confusing visual effect. If you haven't actually seen holographic hair, you have no idea how gorgeous it is. What is holographic hair?
Holographic hair colors feature multi-dimensional pastels mixed with high gloss, essentially changing colors in front of your eyes. These colors are professionally placed on your hair to create a 3D holographic effect. You can rock holographic hair with any base color, but it is usually done on a platinum base to achieve the final holographic effect.

How to achieve holographic hair color?

Holographic hair color is not an easy thing to do, in order to get holographic hair color requires a lot of skill, so we recommend going to a professional hair colorist because this look requires a lot of special placement and small strands of color, the stylist will be more able to give you the look you want. He will be able to professionally apply a variety of shades to your hair for a customized professional look. How to achieve holographic hair color?
While most hair stylists don't recommend trying holographic hair color at home, many of you do. If you decide to try this color technique on yourself, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, you'll most likely need to use bleach.
Holographic hair color requires care and maintenance. If you are considering trying this trend, consider what you are willing or able to do to keep it going. The last thing to consider when trying holographic hair coloring is cost. Bright colors and special techniques tend to cost a lot more than your standard full-color or partial highlights.

3 trendy holographic hair ideas

Holographic hair colors aren't limited to the variety of shades in the typical rainbow hairstyles, here are some of the hottest holographic hair examples to give you a wide range of inspiration before your next haircut.

trendy holographic hair ideas

1. Vivid holographic hair color

The secret to the holographic hairstyle is how the colors are mixed together. Each color has offset parts and blends into each other in a strategic way. Vivid holographic hair color combines shades of pink, yellow, green, blue, and purple, all in one. The colors are also mixed vertically and horizontally to create the prism effect that makes it look so realistic.

2. Prismatic flecks of holographic hair

If you like the look of holographic hair but aren't sure if you want to go all in, you can try this style out by coloring a portion of your hair. Prismatic fleck's holographic hair is a remarkable approach.
The front of the hair is mottled in rainbow colors, creating a soft holographic effect. Of course, if you want a more pronounced holographic effect, you can have less of a rainbow look and more of a mixed effect.
In fact, the holographic hair paired with a long Bob with a chin can have just as big an impact.

3. Holographic hair on blonde

The holographic hair color effect looks very different on light and dark hair. For darker hair, holographic style can add a huge amount of dimension.
But with light hair, such as the blonde shown here, it seems to float through the hair, creating an effect similar to glitter and really making it look like a trick of the light.
When it comes to holographic, if you have blonde hair or plan to dye it, holographic hair on blonde is definitely a holographic style worth considering.

4. Holographic ends

If you're looking for a fashionable way to marginalize holographic hair, start with dip-dye ends. Your colorist will only apply holographic tones to the ends of your hair, instead of going for complete fantasy hair.

5. Holographic highlights

If you're not totally convinced by holographic hair, then highlights are also a great idea! Holographic highlights can add shine and depth to any neutral undertone. In addition, there is no heavy maintenance routine on holographic highlights hair.


Holographic hair is the latest craze. It combines multiple pastel shades and metallic gloss to create hair that is both angelic and futuristic, transforming your mane into magic with holographic hair colors and iridescent hues. Holographic hair is one of many hair color trends right now. So, if you want to shake things up, you can get more color inspiration with this article.