Loose wave hair is like beach waves and looks very romantic and beautiful. Loose wave hair is very easy to keep and maintain in daily life. If you have bought straight hair weave bundles, do not worry. Now we will teach you how to get loose wave hair easily.

STEP 1:Keep Your Best Indian Hair Dry  

Begin with dry hair! For me personally, my Indian hair weave looks best when it’s washed the day before. So if I'm prepping for an event or something where I want my hair to look its best, I make sure to wash my hair the night prior.

Why this? Your Indian hair holds much better when it’s day-old. Clean hair becomes slippery and doesn’t tend to hold as well as dirty hair. In addition, I typically always air-dry my hair unless I’m in a time crunch. This gives it a lot more texture than blow-drying it would. Plus, it’s a little wavy already, so it just helps my human hair weft look a little less “done”, which is something I always strive for. (I'm not exactly the “done-up” type, you feel me?)

Some pieces of advice: To prep, spray your strands once before curling, and once after. The more you spray it beforehand, the better hold it will have. To avoid it looking crunchy, you can spray it once over, and brush it out before you curl. This step is especially important if you have hair that tends to fall easily!

STEP 2: Wrap Virgin Indian Hair In Sections 

Learning how to curl Indian virgin hair well is a bit of a learning curve. My friends always complain to me, “I can’t do that! I don’t know how to curl hair!” I constantly reassure them, it’s really not as hard as it looks, but to truly perfect different techniques, like anything, it takes practice!

That’s what I love about this method, it’s not supposed to look perfect. Therefore, it’s pretty tough to mess up. So if you’re a hair-curling novice, this is definitely a tutorial you’ll love!

You can use any curling iron you like: the one I’m using here is the curling iron, which is self-rotating, but also works great as a wand. When I want sleeker curls, I’ll use the auto-rotating function, but when I want them to be looser and more casual, I like to use it as more of a wand.

It allows me to do my full head of Indian straight hair or Indian body wave hair in less than 10 minutes. (Honestly, I could probably do it in about 7 if I tried.) Regardless, being able to do my Indian human hair weave in this amount of time was something I never thought previously possible.

Anyway! Long story short, it doesn’t really matter which curling iron you use for this tutorial, just make sure that you’re working with a 1" barrel.

A common misconception about loose waves: larger barrels mean larger curls. That’s not necessarily true. I have a friend that always complained “her Indian curls hair never held” and it’s because she was using a curling iron that was too wide for her hair. When she tried a 1barrel, she thought it made her look like Dolly Parton. Her problem was that when working with the 1barrel, she was holding it for far too long, resulting in those Shirley Temple bouncy curls that nobody wants. If you only hold each section for a few seconds, they’ll come out as loose waves, vs tight ringlets.

So, to accomplish this look, you’ll want to work in sections. I typically start with sections nearest my face and work my way back. No need to use any type of fancy clips or pin your real virgin Indian hair half-up and do the bottom first.

I work in sections that are about 3 fingers wide, this ensures that the curls aren’t too small.  Holding the wand upside down, wrap the section over the barrel away from your face. Essentiallyfrom the front, wrapping around the back of the iron, not from the back, wrapping around the front.

If you were to wrap it toward your face instead of away from it, you would end up with a look more like this. (Which is amazing, but not what we’re going for here.)

STEP 3: Comb The Curls With Fingers Lightly To Create Loose Waves

Once you’ve done your whole head of virgin Remy Indian hair, rough it up a little! Shake it up at the roots, and lightly run your fingers through it to separate out your curls. This, again, prevents it from looking too “done”.Here we have got Indian loose wave hair.

STEP 4: Hold The Loose Waves

Finally, give it a good spray all over to set your curls and hold them in place. Go with a light to medium hold hairspray, so your beach-wavy Indian hair won’t look crunchy! I really have been loving Verb’s products lately, their Ghost hairspray is the perfect amount of hold, plus, it has a touch of Moringa oil (lets be honestno clue what it is, but I like it) so it makes your hair shiny as well.

If you want to try other sprays, of course, you can try. Any kind of healthy spray can be used for loose wavy hair textures. Well, it is easy to get beach-wave human hair, right? Now, off you go to re-create it on your own!

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