Indian hair is so much different than any other hair. It is thick and coarse sometimes. If you have this type of hair and are looking for the latest and greatest way to care for the Indian remy hair, please read the content below:

The Tips For Caring For Indian Hair


Keep the thick Indian hair Clean. We suggest the hair be washed at least three or four times a week with warm or cold water. Please wash the hair right after swimming, spa, exercising, etc, When dirt accumulates, including sweating, and hair tangles.


Before washing the Remy Indian hair weave, apply a few drops of olive oil to the bristles of a 100% Boar Bristle Brush, and brush through the hair 1 section at a time. Dilute shampoo with water 50/50 into a spray bottle. Spray shampoo onto the scalp. Press and slide shampoo into the hair adding from the root to the ends with a sponge or press with palms and squeeze the shampoo through the ends. Never rub or ruffle the hair or tangling will result. Lean forward-facing shower and rinse with warm water. Alternate Deep Penetrating Moisture and Conditioner Concentrate. Leave it on for 3-5 minutes. Avoid using conditioners near the attachment site as the adhesive may detach prematurely.


Make sure you comb the virgin Indian remy hair bundles after each wash and every day. When detangling the hair, please start from the ends and work up little by little to the scalp. The Indian curly weave hair needs more gentle combing. Hold the base with the other hand to keep it from shedding or causing root tension. We recommend the Anti Static Rotating Tooth Comb. Avoid using shine products on the Indian human hair root area as it may prematurely detach your Hair Grafting.


You'd better comb your Indian hair when it is completely wet or completely dry. Brushing should be done carefully to avoid root tension. Be sure to only comb the hair from the bottom up. Do not attempt to comb through the attachment unless using a very soft 100 % boar Bristle Brush. Extreme tugging may result in the loss of your own hair.

Blow Drying:

Take care not to lift the hair Addition when round comb and drying your Indian hair extension. Comb gently toward the face. Do not comb or tug abruptly when drying the virgin Indian hair extension. Press firmly around the perimeter after blow drying.


Make a couple of big braids in your Remy's hair when going to sleep, swimming, or exercising. You must untangle your hair weave prior to braiding. NEVER sleep when the hair is wet, your hair must be completely dry before going to sleep as sleeping on wet hair extensions will cause hair to be very matted.

Wavy Hair/Curly Hair:

For Indian wavy or Indian curly hair, we recommend you wet the hair every morning with water and Protein Leave-in Detangler. For Indian straight hair, just combing it is enough.

Dry Ends:

To keep your Indian human hair from dryness, please apply olive oil two to three times weekly prior to shampooing. Olive oil left on the hair overnight on the ends only is very effective. Remember the real Indian hair weave does not have the benefit of your own natural scalp oils, so olive oil will help to replace those necessary oils in the hair shaft.

Other Problems Of Sew-In Indian hair weaves You May Encounter


Some hair comes out of the human hair extension easier than others. Curly and long hair will commonly shed hair more rapidly than a short hair extension. Shedding of hair is considered very normal. So you need to buy the best Indian hair from a reliable seller and take good care of it.


The Indian Remy hair bundles are sewn into your natural hair, so it may be slipping down. To help avoid this, constantly apply firm pressure on the attachment site, especially after showering. This will help the attachment stay firmly attached to the scalp area. 


If you can not remove your Indian hair weaves, we recommend that you go to the salon for removal. Attempting to remove the weaved Indian hair yourself may result in damage to your own hair and/or weaved hair.

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