As for Peaky Blinders, there's certainly a lot to love about it. In addition to excellent actors and thrilling plots, the popular crime drama also offers plenty of style inspiration for men. Whether you're a general movie buff or a big fan of the movie, this article is for you. In this article, I will explore the hairstyles that appear in the collection and tell you how to recreate them yourself or with the help of a hairdresser.

What is peaky blinders haircut?

What is peaky blinders haircut?

In general, we can see the variety of different haircuts and faded hairstyles on many characters in the movie of Peaky Blinders. That said, the common feature of these characters is that they all have distinctive back and side shaves.

What is peaky blinders haircut?

On the other hand, the style of the top of the hair varies. We see the hairstyles of some of the main actors of the series, such as the smooth back, textured cut, burly, side split, French cut, and fringe. What is peaky blinders haircut?
In short, I can say that these hairstyles are short sides and long tops. The popular crime drama sparked a resurgence of the sharp undercut of the 1920s, with many people taking one of the many variations of this historic hairstyle and adding their own twists to make it a popular modern man's cut.

What is peaky blinders haircut?

How to get peaky blinders haircuts?

How to get peaky blinders haircuts? First of all, you need to decide which one is right for you, or at least best for your face shape or hair texture. Fortunately, the boys' hairstyles are very distinctive, and the only thing that binds them together is the short back and sides. Here are 3 kinds of peaky blinders haircuts you can try.

What is peaky blinders haircut?

1. Tom Shelby haircut

Of all the peaky blinders haircuts, the Tom Shelby hairstyle is the easiest to achieve and looks very stylish, as long as you have the face. In particular, it looks best on men with oval faces or clear cheekbones. However, if you have a different face shape, you can experiment with proportions and textures to better tailor it to your looks. For how to get the original look of Tom Shelby haircut, you can ask a barber to cut a number three on the back and sides. At the top, ask for a textured cut, leaving some extra length at the front. Then, while styling your hair, brush it forward and blow dry, sweeping your tassels to the side.

2. Arthur Shelby haircut

If you want to go for the coolest Arthur Shelby haircut, you need to ask your hairdresser for a choppy bottom cut with a grade shaved on the sides and back. However, be sure to leave enough hair on it for you to brush back. When it comes to doing this, make sure your style will hold throughout the day by blow-drying the roots of your hair toward the back of your head after washing. Then, use your hands to apply a small amount of pomade or wax to your hair. Finally, comb it into a smooth pattern. The result should be safe but keep a natural, soft feel.
When you walk into a room with this hairstyle, you will raise eyebrows in the room. If you want to have the same effect when you go out, then this hairstyle may be your go-to.

3. John Shelby haircut

Do you want a John Shelby haircut? Start by shaving the sides and back of your hair to the number 0. This hairstyle should be low enough to show a lot of skin but still, see a bit of hair color. At the top, ask the barber to cut it short. The length here should be short enough that your hair stays the way it is without much product, but long enough that you can get it to the side. Once you've cut the style, you can use a small amount of light wax or pomade to smooth your hair to one side and, if it's long enough, cut it into a deep side part.


For people who don't have naturally straight or wavy hair, it's hard to imagine that the peaky blinders haircuts will work for you. But what if we told you that people with curly hair, kinks, and curls could get this look? All you need to know is that if you have curly hair and you want it to look like the show, you have to change your natural hair texture. You can straighten your hair temporarily, or go the more permanent route and use a relaxant. If you only want to try peaky blinders haircuts for a while, you can straighten your curls with an electric iron.