You must not strange with 360 lace frontal hair closure if you always wearing human hair wig or extensions. The 360 frontal arrived was dropped on the market in recent years and became an instant hit. No more spending hours to get your hair done just right. The 360 lace frontal from "Nadula hair" makes it a breeze to get that full hairline around the styled lace frontal real quick. A 360 frontal also needs about 3 bundles at best, to create a complete look is easy with the "Nadula hair" 360 frontal as it makes installation of wefts simple and less time taking.

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Why You Choose A 360 Lace Frontal Closure?

Compared with a lace front hair closure, an important difference you will find is that where lace front closure is put only at the front part of the head the 360 lace frontal wraps around your head with only an opening in the middle. The 360 hair frontal comes in size which is much different from the lace frontal.

Another big advantage is it comes with an adjustment band, so unlike a lace frontal, you can easily adjust the 360 lace frontal wig to your head size. Earlier you needed to be a pro at styling wigs but thanks to the 360 frontal lace even if you don't know how to style wigs you can still wear it like a professional. No longer do you have to sew a full head if you want to make lace wigs by yourself. All you have to do is use the 360 frontal closure and DIY your wig in no time.  

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Here Is How You Can Install The 360 Lace Frontal By Yourself

1. Start by a wash, then condition and trim your hair. Take out any excesses from the rear end of your 360 frontal lace.

2. Next style your real hair the way you want to. Once you have done that wear the wig caps on your head and sew the 2 caps with large stitching around your head.

3. Now place the 360 lace frontal where you want it on your hairline. Once you have it where you want to stitch it to the exterior of to the most cap.

4. Now glue the wefts down on the other portions of the circular region. You should start gluing the rear side moving up from there. Remember to check the length before you cut it.

5.When you have put the tracks in place and applied glue. Start to trim the lace. Once done use a style fixer to hold it in place.

Now you are done installing the 360 frontal lace. The styling is more easy to wear for women and you can do any no. of hairs styles with it with not much effort.

Now you can too with this new 360 lace frontal you will have the option of doing frontal up-dos and ponytail styles and get even more styling options. They are mostly made with complete human hair or really fine lace. You can also match these with some artificial wefts that have different textures on them or with the weft that you like to get a unique style and let me emphasize the most important point again, in very little time!

I am a big fan of the stuff  I can do by myself and what saves me time, the 360 lace frontal you get all that and can also DIY your own 360 lace wigs like I showed here even if you don't know how to style wigs. Go for it!

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Caring For Your 360 Lace Frontal Hair And Minimizing Tangling

 Caring for 360 lace frontal or hair wig requires proper routine maintenance. The products you use on your lace wig are one of the main factors that will determine how healthy the hair on your lace wig looks and how long it will last. Most mainstream products found at the supermarket or drug store are not ideal for lace wig care. The reason is that these products have a very high alcohol and chemical content which can be detrimental to the hair on your unit. Alcohol severely dries the hair while a high chemical content creates a high alkaline pH which causes tangling.

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pH Levels In Hair Care Products

The pH levels of hair products are one of the least known but most important characteristics of the hair care products you choose to use on your unit. You should always use a product that is pH balanced for optimal feel and styling. The optimal pH range for hair products is from 4 to 6 (which an acidic balance). An acidic shampoo or conditioner causes hair cuticles to lie down, resulting in smooth manageable hair. Alkaline Shampoos & conditioners (high pH above 7) cause the cuticles to raise causing tangled and unmanageable hair. Botanical hair products are pH balanced to provide the optimal balance needed for manageable hair.

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