Have you been tired of the same curly hairstyle? Have you tried to loosen your tight curls? Over-curled hair may be your worst nightmare. Actually, you don’t have to keep a curly hairstyle all the time. Maybe some people think it a little challenged and risky to switch up the hair styling routine that they have been comfortable with, but it is a lot easier than you think and the results will be worth it. Today, we will give detailed guidelines about how to make tight curls loosen. Just follow this blog and try it.

loose curly hair

What does loosening curls mean?

If you have naturally curly hair, you may have noticed that your hair "shrinks" or appears shorter after you've shampooed and conditioned your curls. Loosening, commonly referred to as stretching, your curl pattern makes your hair look longer and fuller. Stretching your curls also expands your styling options, and it's a good way to alter your curl pattern without using any heat. You don't have to worry about damage or permanently altering your curl pattern because your hair reverts to its natural pattern and texture when you wet it.

How To Make Tight Curls Loose?

Today we will introduce 3 methods about how to make tight curls looser. You can choose the method that you like.

1. The Braiding Method

The first one is the braiding method. This is very easy without any heat damage to your hair. The detailed steps will be listed in detail in the following.

The Braiding Method

Firstly, prepare 3 stretched hair bands. Before you start stretching your hair, use some oil on your hair to break the crunch of the gel. And section your hair into three sections.

Take one section of your hair and put the rest away. Then take a stretched hairband and wrap it around your hair as if making a ponytail. You can pull the ends to make sure they're not crunched up inside. Just wrap your hair down the length of your hair. And left out your ends so that the end of your hair can look like a natural curl and not too stretched.

Continue to wrap around the rest of your head with the stretched hairbands. We suggest preserving your curls at night time and loosening the hairbands the next morning. And you will get loose curls hairstyle.

2. Tug Your Hair With Hands

This is the method needing the shortest time to stretch your hair. When you stretch your hair, always be gentle and make sure that you have some oil on your fingertips to avoid creating too much friction on your hair. This is literally just tugging at your hair and this stretches your hair for real.

If you like to have your hair out and you pull one curl you will notice that one curl will stay at that length that you pulled it to. It is a temporary stretch like you're just pulling your hair stretched like you're just pulling your hair for a split second.

tug your hair with hands

3. Blow Dryer Method

Take your hair blow and apply the medium heat to your hair. This is the method that can stretch your hair most, but if you are afraid that the heat will damage your hair, you can also go in with cool heat. But with medium heat, you can stretch your hair faster, which is a 10 minutes routine. It is all in your preference.

Hold your blow dryer at an angle so that the airflow goes down the length of your hair and not just focus on the hair roots. There should be some instances when you focus on your roots. Then take another section of hair and pull it to make sure that you are holding your ends out of the way of the heat, which can help make sure the hair ends have the same curl pattern as if they were not stretched.

Blow Dryer Method

After finishing blowing your hair, you can see that the shaft of your hair is curly and wavy but the ends are coil. Remember always hold your ends out of the heat, your curls will look very natural and your hair will not be stiff but flowier. Tight curls vs loose curls will look like mushroom vs rapunzel. And then just blow the rest hair section. If you find some hair looks shorter than the rest of your hair, just go back in with the blow dryer to make sure the stretched hair is evenly stretched.

The above are three methods to make your tight curls into loose curls. We recommend using a handy dandy pick to get a fluffy hair look after stretching your hair. And after stretching your hair, you can make your edges to have a complete and more wonderful hair look


We mainly introduced 3 methods in this blog. Do you have any other methods to make tight curls into loose waves? Welcome to share with us in the comment section.