Recently a hair care method has become very popular on TikTok, and more and more people are starting to try this method. It is the bowl method for hair. If you are someone who is constantly concerned about hair care and health, then I think you have seen quite a few people using this method on TikTok.

What does the bowl method refer to, and how should it achieve the effect of hair care and protection? Today we will explain the bowl method for curls for you in this blog. If you are interested in the bowl method, then keep reading it.

What Is Bowl Curly Method?

When using the bowl curly method, girls wash their hair with shampoo and conditioner, apply a leave-in conditioner and curl cream, and brush through. They then dunk the front of their hair into a bowl of water, lift their head, and squeeze the product back into a bowl. They repeat this process over and over on both sides.  

In a word, the bowl method is a simple way of washing curly hair by reusing the water and conditioner you normally wash out in the shower. By dipping your curls into the mixture several times, your hair becomes more hydrated which results in tighter, more defined curls.

bowel method

Why Does The Bowl Method Work Well?

In the normal curly girl method, girls will “squish to condish” when they clean their hair with conditioner. This means squishing your curls into clumps towards your scalp. This helps not only moisturize your hair but also to get your curls to form better.

The bowl method extends this step of “squish to condish”. Usually, when you squeeze, you stand under the shower for a few minutes, which will be very wasteful. The idea of the bowl method is that when you squeeze your hair over the bowl with water and conditioner, the bowl collects the mixture for reuse. Not only does this save a ton of water, but the reapplying water and conditioner mix help hydrate your curls for maximum moisture.

In addition to conditioner, you can also add gel to damp hair. You will then continue to dip your curls in the bowl mixture of water, conditioner, and gel until they form into big juicy hydrated clumps. The result is bouncy, soft, and frizz-free curls!

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How To Do The Bowl Method?

Before doing the bowl method, there are some tools you need to prepare: hair conditioner, gel, a big plastic bowl, a cup

1. Firstly, wash and condition your hair as normal. Comb through your conditioner while the hair is wet to make sure the conditioner covers your hair evenly. Then rinse and step out of the shower.

2. Apply a curl cream and leave-in conditioner. Then fill a glass or cup with water, bend your hair forwards over the bowl, and slowly pour water on the back of your hair. Ensure the water goes into the bowl.

3. Squeeze your curls for a minute or two to make sure the mixture gets into your hair.

4. Scoop water into your hands and continue squeezing, which helps dilute the conditioner in your hair but still keeps your curls moisturized. Continue adding water and make sure your scalp is free of conditioner.

5. Squeeze until your curls form nice large clumps. If they look sticky, add more conditioner and keep squeezing.

6. Once you are satisfied with your curls, remove the water from the bowl. Add the gel as usual, and apply to soaking wet hair. Squeeze the gel into the clumps.

7. As you squeeze the water in your hair, let the excess water and gel drip into the bowl. Dip the curls into the mixture and squeeze out the remaining excess moisture until the curls are satisfied.

The Benefits Of The Bowl Method For Curly Hair

Actually, this is a more complicated process than the normal hair washing and conditioning method. But because of the worthy results, many girls still use the bowl method. The following benefits can explain why the bowl method is so popular.

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1. Tighten Curls

After the continuous bowl method, you will find your curls are tighter. This is due to the constant reapplying of water, conditioner, and gel to your hair strands. Because your curly hair is soaked in the goodness of the water mixture, they become hydrated and the squishing ensures that the curls not only form but stay tight and bouncy.

2. Less Waste

One of the best things is that the bowel method saves much water. If you choose to wash your hair under the showerhead, it will spend much more water. This is especially true if you wash your hair more than 2 times a week or take very long showers.

3. Add moisture to your hair

If you’re suffering from frizzy, damaged hair, the bowl method can help restore your curls back to your former self. This is because the combination of water and conditioner and squishing really helps moisture to penetrate your hair.

4. Less Frizz

When the mixture of water, conditioner, and gel are mixed into each strand, your hair will become smoother and the frizz will start to reduce. This way, your curls will look cleaner and better looking.


In a word, the bowl method has the added benefit of providing more conditioner contact time, which is very easy and useful for your curly hair. If your hair has the same problem of frizz and dryness, this is a method that is worth trying.