Have you tried natural methods to care for your hair? Have you ever heard of rice water for hair? Kourtney Kardashian previously shared Kim Kardashian's secret to thick and shiny hair on her lifestyle blog Poosh: Rice water care. From there, the practice -- an ancient beauty ritual dating back to the Heian period in Japan-- went viral on social media.

For the value of rice water for water, if you want to know more details, we will answer you on how to make rice water for hair, the benefits of rice water for hair, and some other questions about rice water for hair in this blog.

Is Rice Water Good For Hair?

The answer is YES! Many girls are confused about “what does rice water do for your hair”. Rice water is rich in minerals and vitamins and has many benefits for the skin and hair. In addition, it also contains amino acids that strengthen the hair roots, add shine and make it smooth and silky. And the carbohydrates of inositol in rice water are good for repairing damaged hair and protecting it from further damage. Therefore, rice water is good for hair.

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How To Make Rice Water For Your Hair?

There are two ways about making rice water for hair, soaking, and boiling. We will introduce the two methods in detail in the following.

1. Soaking Rice

Soaking is the quickest way to make rice water. Take half a cup of raw rice and rinse them thoroughly to remove impurities. Then leave the soaked raw rice in a container with 2-3 cups of water for thirty minutes. After that, take a clean container and strain the rice water into the clean container.

Some people deem that fermented rice water is more beneficial for hair than regular rice water because of the higher antioxidant content in the fermented substance. Antioxidants are able to fight damage to hair and skin cells, which is why they are typical ingredients in beauty products.

If you want fermented rice water for hair, just after soaking the rice water, leave it at room temperature to ferment for 2 days before straining the rice water into a clean bowl. so you can get your fermented rice water.

2. Boiling Rice

Another way to make rice water is by boiling the rice. Cover half a cup of rice with double the water typically used for cooking. Cook the rice in boiling water and strain the rice water into a clean bowl before use.

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How To Use Rice Water For Hair?

Rice water can also be used on its own as a hair rinse and can be used before shampooing, in between shampooing and conditioning, or as a treatment after your conditioner. You just need to pour it into a bottle and pour it all over your hair and scalp. Besides, you can use rice water for hair growth. Massage it into your scalp when you wash your hair. As the stimulation can be beneficial, too.

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What Are The Side Effect Of Rice Water On Hair?

Now we have a basic understanding of the benefits of rice water for hair. Then are there some side effects? We will list the possible side effects for you in this section.

1. Protein Overload

Anything in excess is harmful to the body. Protein is an essential nutrient for our bodies, including hair, but if you consume too much, problems will arise. If your hair has low porosity, the protein will become an extra layer on the scalp instead of being absorbed by the body.

2. Make Dry Scalp Worse

Rice water contains many hard proteins. So when you use rice water many times, the rice water may become hard over time, you will feel uncomfortable, which means your hair may become more brittle and drier, remember not to leave on hair for more than 20 minutes.

3. Smell Bad

Fermented rice water can actually create some odors on your hair that are not easy to spread. This happens because fermented rice water has this unique pungent smell that increases over time. However, you can add some essential oils to it to at least solve this problem.

4. Irregularity Is Useless

Rice water as a treatment is only useful and effective when applied to the hair on a regular basis. If it is inconsistent, the nutrition will not be appropriate, resulting in dry or stiff hair. So, if you are one of those naturally impatient people, rice water treatment is not for you. It takes time for rice water to have some positive effects on the hair.

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FAQ About Rice Water For Hair

1. How long should you leave rice water in your hair?

We suggest do not leaving rice water on your hair for more than 20 minutes, so as not to cause additional irritation. Once your 20 minutes are up, you can rinse out the rice water.

2. How often should I use rice water on my hair?

Don't use rice water more than once a week, and don't try to leave rice water in your hair overnight. Too much rice water will not benefit your hair, on the contrary, using it too often or left in the hair for too long will cause damage.

3. What kind of rice is used for rice water?

Regarding the type of rice to use, long-grain white rice is the better choice than other varieties. Brown rice is rich, but the problem is that it has too much protein, which may result in protein overload.