As African American girls, we have more fragile and curly hair so we have to condition our natural very carefully. And more and more women have realized the necessity of hair care. Besides, there are various hair conditioners for us. Many girls are considering whether they should leave in conditioner for curly hair all night after washing it. Today we will give you an answer in this blog. If you also have the same question, please keep focusing on the following content.

Can You Leave Conditioner In Your Hair?

There is no certain answer. Because it is up to the conditioner you use. You can find two kinds of hair conditioners on the market, rinse-out conditioners and leave-in conditioners. So whether you can leave in hair conditioners should be decided by the type of conditioner.  

Rinse-Out Conditioners VS Leave-In Conditioners

You can figure out their basic difference according to their name. This part will introduce the two kinds of hair conditioners so that you can tell the difference between them more specifically.


1. A rinse-out conditioner

It is a traditional and a heavier type that is used after shampooing to add softness, whose typical ingredients include fatty acids, surfactants, and oils

This conditioner often stays on the hair and needs to be rinsed off with water after a few minutes. Because after washing the hair with shampoo, your hair will be dry, so a conditioner is applied to replenish moisture and strengthen and protect the hair. In addition, it can also help smooth the cuticle of your hair to reduce tangles and make your hair smoother.

2. Leave-in conditioner

It refers to a conditioner that can be left on the hair without being washed off. It is also called a no-rinse conditioner, which is much thinner and lighter, typically contains humectants such as glycerine to help moisturize hair. It is generally used after the hair is towel-dried. It can also add moisture to your hair, protect it from damage, and make your hair easier to comb. In terms of protecting the hair, it has the same effect as rinse conditioner.

Actually, the two kinds of hair conditioners are both used to add moisture to your hair and reduce tangles. If you use a leave-in conditioner, it is OK to leave-in conditioners for curly hair. But if you are used to applying rinse-out conditioners to your hair, you have to wash it after a few minutes.

What Happens If You Leave Conditioner In Your Hair  

The conditioners this part refers to are rinse-out conditioners. You dont need to wash leave-in conditioners, just leave them in your hair. For traditional hair conditioners, it is essential to wash them off, and we will tell you the damage of leaving rinse-out conditioners in hair.  


1. Make Your Hair Dryer

The aim we use hair conditioners is to keep our hair moisture, but leaving it in hair too long will have the opposite effect. Because the protein will be left and it will cause reverse osmosis where the protein draws more moisture from inside out, making the hair drier.

2. Make Your Hair Lose Its Elasticity

As moisture is absorbed through the shaft, our hair strands contract and expand. If you leave the conditioner in your hair overnight, which means that your hair has to take the risk of hygral fatigue. This will make your hair lose its elasticity and be more fragile. That is what we never want to see.

3. Increase The Burden And Heaviness Of The Hair

There are many heavy chemical ingredients in hair conditioners. If you leave them in your hair for a long time, they have the potential to cause buildup on both the scalp and hair. Then you will feel that your hair gets heavy and sticky and your scalp will suffer from irritation and itchiness.

4. Cause Dusty Residue

During the process of the conditioner getting dried, much dust will stick on the surface of your hair. And then the dust will leave in your hair. You have to wash your hair more frequently than before to keep your hair and scalp clean because of the dusty residue.

5. Clog the Pores in Your Hair

If you leave the conditioner in your hair, it will clog the pores in your hair and stop the natural oil secretion of your pores, which is the main factor causing your hair breakage and split.

How Long To Leave Conditioner In Hairs?

We cant leave rinse-out conditioner in our hair for too long time, so how long is best for our hair protection?


Generally speaking, for most conditioners, 5-7 minutes are enough to get your hair enough moisture. You can adjust the time but not less than 3 minutes. Conditioners need a few minutes to make your hair get deep condition. If you're using a coconut oil-based hair product, then leave it on for twenty minutes as it takes longer to penetrate.

After you apply conditioner to your hair, remember to take a comb to comb your hair so that every strand of your hair can be replenished by this product.


You should remember to do everything in moderation. Any excess is an unnecessary burden. The same is true when using hair conditioners. About whether you should leave the conditioner in your hair, I believe you should have the answer through this blog. In short, if it is a traditional conditioner, you need to rinse it out in time, and leave-in conditioners can be left. You can choose according to your own needs and habits.