Human hair wigs are common in the black community, most of them are wearing wigs in their daily life. more and more girls thought a wig is necessary to life as bread. Young girls are always considering how to make their hair wig look better.

Proper hair care methods will extend the lifespan of the wigs. But do you know how to wash and care for a human hair wig at home? has every tip that youll need. Its a wash day and your human hair wig needs a little love. Lets take a look at how to wash a human hair wig correctly at home now.  

How To wash a human hair wig at home?

If you want to wash a human hair wig at home, you need to prepare all the things that will be used.

Items you need to prepare:

  1. Shampoo
  2. Conditioner
  3. A towel
  4. A wide-tooth comb
  5. A folding wig stand

how to wash human hair wig

Steps on washing human hair wigs

1. Detangling the human hair wig

Take your human hair wig and begin by detangling it gently with a wide-tooth comb, make sure to comb the hair starting from the ends to prevent shedding.

2. Rinse the human hair wig

Once your piece is detangled, rinse your wig from root to ends using lukewarm water.

3. Wash the hair strands of the wig

When your wig is fully saturated, take your shampoo pour some in your hands, and massage it gently to loosen the product. Take your wig and massage shampoo gently into the strands in a downward motion.

4. Wash the cap of the wig

Massage shampoo on the cap in circular motions. Once you've finished rinse your wig under lukewarm water from root to end.

5. Squeeze the strands

when all the shampoo has been thoroughly rinsed out, squeeze the strands to remove any excess water, make sure that you do not ring the hair out. Because it will cause the strands to tangle.

6. Apply the conditioner to the strands of the human hair wig

Once all the excess water is removed, apply the beauty mark conditioner to the strands of your human hair wig and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing.

Tips: (Do not apply conditioner to the root because it may loosen the knots in your piece and cause increased shedding.)

7. Rinse the human hair wig once more

Rince your human hair wig with cool water to seal the cuticle and add shine. Once all the conditioner has been thoroughly rinsed out, squeeze the strands to remove any excess water.

8. Blot dry the human hair wig

Lay the wig down on a towel and blot dry it. Finally, place your freshly cleaned piece on your folding wig stand. Gently define your part and carefully blow dry your wig.

For tips on styling, check out our blog on how to style a wig.

A few more expert tips:

  1. Do not use hot water when washing, because it will cause the fiber to swell and dry out your piece.
  2. Always use lukewarm running water.
  3. For added volume, dry with a round brush, starting from the nape and finish up the crown.
  4. Don't dunk or hold your wig too low in the sink to avoid tangles in the bottom.
  5. This method is suitable for “how to wash a curly human hair wig” and ”how to wash a human hair lace front wig.

Above all is about how to wash a human hair wig with shampoo. It is easy to achieve at home. But if you do not have shampoo at hand or you do not want to use shampoo, how to clean it? Then, we will introduce some alternatives to wig shampoo to keep your wig clean.

how to wash a human hair wig without wig shampoo?

Without shampoo, you can also make your human hair wig clean and look nice again. Do not ask" how", Just try to use one of the products below:

1. Baking powder

Baking soda is a good alternative to wig shampoo at home. It can effectively remove the smoke smell and other flavors that stick on your wig. Just melt about 10-20g baking soda into 5kg lukewarm water and soak the human hair wig in it for one night. Then rinse it clean and leave it to dry naturally whenever possible.

2. Dishwashing detergent

It is being used in every household. Dishwashing detergent can rid the wig cap of makeup and oil very efficiently. For the washing steps, you can follow it with washing with shampoo above.

3. Baby shampoo

Baby shampoo is also a good alternative to wig shampoo if you do not want to use wig shampoo. It is gentle enough to clear your human hair wig completely. Fill your sink with cold water and a small squirt of baby shampoo. Gently swish the combed-out wig in the soapy water to remove the oil and dirt. Then rinse and dry it naturally in the air.


Clean a human hair wig with proper ways can prolong its lifespan, just follow the steps above all to make your wig look nice. If you have any other opinions, welcome to leave your sentences below or contact us for free.