Wearing lace front wigs is a great way to change our hairstyles easily and avoid damage to your own hair. When you wear a wig, do you take your wig off every night? In fact, taking off the wig before going to bed is good for the wig and our natural hair. However, due to various reasons, we generally choose to wear it for a few days before taking it off. Then a question arises, can lace front wigs be taken off every day? Today we will give you the answer in this blog.

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Can Lace Front Wigs Be Taken off Every Day?

YES! Of course, you can take it off every day. Actually, taking off your wig before sleep is a good way to prolong the lifespan of your wig. And it will also make your natural hair and scalp get enough time to breathe and relax, which is a good way to protect your wig and natural hair.

The Pros and Cons of Taking Your Wig Every Night

We can definitely take off our wigs before night, but if we have to take off a lace front wig every day, which will also cause some trouble for us. Therefore, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of taking off a lace front wig every day.


1. Prolong your wig’s lifespan

If we wear a wig to sleep at night, our hair will inevitably wear out. Because our hair will rub against the pillow, causing the hair to get knotted. Even if we use a silk cloth to wrap our wigs, it can only reduce the damage a little bit and cannot be completely avoided. So the best way to avoid hair fray is to take it off and put it on a mannequin head so as to maintain the softness and smoothness of the hair.

2. Keep your hair breathable

If we wear a wig for a few days, it also means that our scalp and hair will remain airtight under the wig for so many days. Any part of the body needs enough relaxation time to stay healthy, so the scalp and hair are of course no exception.

Keeping the hair in an airtight environment for too long will cause a series of problems, such as redness of the scalp, itching, receding hairline, hair loss, etc. These are common problems.

And taking off the wig before going to bed every day can leave enough time for our hair and scalp to relax and breathe, which will reduce the burden and damage caused by the wig. Compared with using plenty of hair conditioner, this is also a more direct and effective way to protect our natural hair

3. Give you a better sleep

When we take off the wig, we will feel more free and comfortable when we sleep. You no longer need to worry about the wig being worn, and you will not feel the itching of the scalp caused by the wig.

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1. Take much time to install and take off

If we take off the wig every day, we will have to spend time putting it on again the next morning. Anyone who has worn a wig knows that this is not a simple process. You have to re-wear the mesh cap and apply glue. This process will take us a lot of time.

If we go out in a hurry the next morning or accidentally get up late, it will easily cause us no time to put on our wigs. This is the main reason why most girls choose to wear a wig to sleep at night.

2. Cause damage to the lace

Because the lace of the hairline is stuck with glue, if we need to remove the wig every day, it may cause the front lace to break. Moreover, new glue needs to be applied every day, which will further damage the lace.

frayed lace

Some Tips for You to Take off Wig without Damage

Here is some advice to tell you on how to take off a lace front wig with less damage to your natural hair and wig.

1. Use an adhesive that is not waterproof

Under normal circumstances, people tend to use waterproof glue, which can keep our wigs for 1-4 weeks without falling off. Strong glue will make it difficult to remove the wig. If we take off it by force, it will not only cause lace breakage but also damage our hairline skin.

Then we recommend that you use non-waterproof glue with a shorter retention time because this will make it easier for us to dissolve the glue and remove the wig.

2. Use a wig adhesive remover

You have to use adhesive remover, which is the easiest way to remove the glue rapidly. You can use a cotton ball to be ready for taking off the wig. Don’t try to remove it without anything, which will damage the delicate lace.

3. Choose some wigs without lace

There are many kinds of wigs without lace that don’t need to use any glue, such as u-part wigs, v-part wigs, and headband wigs. They are very convenient to install and take off. You can take off them every night to protect your natural hair. Here are some glueless wigs for you.

Kinky Curly V Part Human Hair Wigs

Kinky Curly V Part Human Hair Wigs

Glueless Jerry Curly Human Hair Wigs

Glueless Jerry Curly Human Hair Wigs

Beginner Friendly V Part Body Wave Wig

Beginner Friendly V Part Body Wave Wig

Jerry Curly Wig Headband Wig

Jerry Curly Wig Headband Wig

Afro Curly Human Hair 3/4 Half Wig

Afro Curly Human Hair 3/4 Half Wig


Today we mainly discuss the pros and cons of taking off wigs every day and some tips about how to take off glued wig caps. Whether taking off the wigs or not, there are some pros and cons, you can decide by yourself. Of course, if you want to get some glueless wigs, Nadula is always here for you.