Have you ever had the same experience? After fixing your lace wig with glue, it is always difficult to take it off. After taking it off, there is still a lot of glue on your forehead and the hairline of the wig. Even sometimes, when the wig is removed, the hairline is damaged, which causes a lot of trouble for many people who wear the wig.

How can you remove the glue completely without damaging your edges and forehead? In today’s blog, we will provide you with the best tips on how to remove wig glue.

How To Remove Lace Wig Glue

How to Remove Wig Glue from Hair

The first step you should do is to take the wig off. You should be very careful and gentle when removing glue from your frontal and hair to avoid damaging your skin and hairline due to strong pulling. There are some ways for you.

How to Remove Wig Glue from Hair

1. Warm Water Mixture

Prepare some warm water and add some soda or salt to it. Olive oil and tea tree oil are also good choices. Pour them into a spray bottle after they are evenly distributed. Then you just need to spray them on the edges of your hair. Put on a shower cap and leave 5-10 minutes for the glue to be fully dissolved.

After that, you need to slowly get your wig away from your forehead. You must be gentle enough to prevent your hairline from being strained and to prevent damage to the lace. This is the most natural and gentle way, while it will take the longest time.

2. Alcohol or Acetone

This is a very simple and fast way to remove the glue. You can use a cotton ball or towel soaked in alcohol or acetone, or spray alcohol on the edges of your hair and wipe gently. This method can quickly break down the glue so that you can quickly remove your wig. Then continue to gently wipe the glue remaining on your forehead with alcohol until all of them are removed.

It should be noted that some people with sensitive skins may be allergic to alcohol, and long-term use will cause skin damage, causing red and itchy hairline. So it is not recommended that you use this method often.

3. Cream or Oil

Using some Vaseline or emollient oil is indeed a gentle and safe option. You can apply it to the hairline of your wig, or pour oil on a towel to wipe your hairline. When you try to take off your wig, you can start from the left ear and separate it from your skin little by little. If you find it difficult to take off, then don’t try to tear it with more force, apply a little more Vaseline or emollient oil, and massage until you can easily take off your wig.

For the remaining wig on your forehead, you can pour emollient oil or Vaseline on the towel again, and wipe your skin repeatedly with the towel. This is a simple and safe way about how to remove wig glue from edges worth trying.

4. Hair conditioner

After we take off the wig with remover, especially with alcohol, the skin will be very dry and you will feel uncomfortable. Therefore, you have to protect your own hair with hair conditioners. This is an essential step!

How to Remove Wig Glue from Lace

After taking off the wig, you will find there is still much glue on the hairline part of the wig. So we will tell you how to remove glue from the lace wig.

How to Remove Wig Glue from Lace

You need to moisten the edges of your wig, this is the first step. Then you need to use something to remove these glue residues.

You can apply some shampoo and avoid rubbing the edges of the wig with your hands. You can smear these shampoos gently with your fingers. Then use a toothbrush to brush the glued area in a single direction from the inside to the outside until all the glue on the lace is removed.

Or you can dip a small sponge in 99 percent isopropyl alcohol, and then wipe the area with glue. Do not rub the lace part back and forth, and be careful to prevent the hair from alcohol damage.


Above all are about how to remove glue from lace front wig and hair. Glue is something we will definitely use when we wear lace wigs. But long-term use will cause some damage to our skin, so when we take it off, we must remove the glue completely and clean the wig carefully, so that our wig can last longer.

You can decide what method to use to remove glue according to your own habits. But no matter what method, remember to be gentle. Do you know some other ways to remove glue from the hair wig? You are welcome to share with us in the comment section.