When we talk about natural hairline wigs, the phrase “melted hairline wigs” has to be said. As no one wants anyone to know that we wear wigs, most wig lovers are trying to explore the more natural wigs or extensions. Now, you can stop here, guys!

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What Is Melted Hairline Lace Wig?

Melted hairline lace wig, also called meted hairline lace front wig, just as its name implies, refers to the lace of the wig seemed melted and fused with the hairline, means the other people can not see it is a lace wig, looks like your natural hairline. So, That is where the melted hairline wigs came from.

In the manufacturing process, melted need much higher skills and higher quality raw materials in order to make it look natural. Generally, the melted hairline wigs are made of top-quality Swiss Lace or HD lace base, very soft. So, it was a good choice for the one who wants a natural hairline wig.

Characteristics Of Melted Lace Front Wig

  1. Natural Baby Hair
  2. Completely pre-plucked hairline & sideburns
  3. Pre-attached wide elastic band for a secure fit
  4. Upgraded comfort-fit ear contour

Wigs With melted hairline lets you show off those edges! It has ear-ear-to-ear soft lace,a pre-attached elastic band to ensure a secure, lift-free fit, and is pre-plucked to create a natural finish that looks melted right onto your hairline. Go ahead and slick your hair back daringly, tuck it behind your ear, and swoop the natural-looking baby hairs.

After introducing the melted lace front wig, we will talk about something about our hairline. Will a wig damage hairline? When will you need a melted hairline wig?

Will a wig damage hairline?

This is a question that most wig consumers are paying close attention to. The answer is No. In daily life, a healthy lace wig will not damage your hairline only if you install and remove it frequently and use them with the wrong methods. So, this depends on the methods used for the application, removal, and general maintenance.

As our natural hairlines are so delicate, with much less flexibility than the hairs on the rest of our heads, these hairs are much more susceptible to damage. That is why the melted hairline lace wigs are rising and popular now.

When will you need a melted hairline wig?

Time is money, time is life. We do not want to waste any piece of our valuable time on unnecessary things. So, instead of wasting so much time on finding a compatible lace front glue, reading so many tips on the protection of hairline, it’s better to find a good melted lace wig for yourself.

You will not need to pre-plucked it, because it has pre-plucked with natural baby hair. A melted lace wig can be an HD lace wig, or Swiss lace wig, or other new upgraded lace wigs. At present, an HD lace wig is a good choice if you want a melted lace wig.

Where Can you order a melted lace wig?

As a special human hair lace wig supplier, we advise you to take a look at this page: Melted hairline HD lace wig: https://www.nadula.com/hd-lace-wigs.html. They are all made of super soft lace materials and most of them are pre-plucked with natural baby hair.

Tips on how to take care of the melted lace wig

  1. Gently detangle using a wide-tooth comb.
  2. Washing it with warm water is better than cold
  3. Let your melted hairline wig sit for a few minutes in a bowl filled with water and a capful of shampoo.
  4. Rinse & apply conditioner in a downward motion. Wait a few minutes then rinse.
  5. Pat dry & shake to refresh style.
  6. Place on a model head rolling plastic mold or a flat board to air dry.