Hey, I believe that you don't need to be reminded, you should have noticed that Christmas is approaching! This also means that the new year is coming! We are about to usher in a beautiful holiday as well. Then on this day, what kind of gifts will you prepare for yourself, your family, and your friends?

In addition, we will all be new ourselves. Today, Nadula would like to recommend several popular and classic hairstyles, which can be the best Christmas gifts for 2021. You can change your style with them and create a new and unique style for yourself.

V Part Natural Color Wigs

V part wig is extremely friendly for beginners. You dont have to cut the lace or use glue. Just fixing your wig with the combs inside the wig cap is enough. Therefore, no matter whether you have ever used a wig or not, you can handle the installing process easily.

1. Beginner Friendly V Part Body Wave Wig

The first one is a classic body wave wig. Big waves are always welcomed by different girls, no matter celebrities or ordinary people. If you are going to attend a party with your friends, I believe you will look gorgeous with it. And the natural black color is versatile for any outfit and any style.

Here is a video to tell you how to wear it. And if you want to change the hairstyle of this wig, you can use your straightening and curling iron to restyle it.

2. Glueless Jerry Curly Human Hair Wigs

Same as the first one, it is also a V part wig. You can decide which one to choose according to your preference. If you like small curls, this one will offer you both convenience and beauty.

Colored Hair Wigs

If you want to be unique on Christmas day, a colored wig can help you, which is more eye-catching than common black hair.

3. Colored Ginger Curly Human Hair Wigs

Ginger is a new trendy color in 2021 and we believe that it will be still popular in 2022. Ginger always reminds people of the dusk of the setting sun and the first sun on the sea, giving people a warm feeling, so it is also very suitable for Christmas in winter. Different from the classic black and brown, it can give people a bright feeling. And it will match and brighten your skin tone very well.

This wig is designed in curly style, if you like the dense and small curls, then this one can definitely be one of your favorite Christmas gifts.

4.Brighter Ginger Color Wigs with Bigger Waves

This is also a ginger color wig. Compared with the last one, it is brighter and has bigger waves. If you are a fan of body wave wigs, it will be a good option for you.

The lace part of this wig is pretty big. The lace area is 13x4 inches, which means that you can do free part with it. The length range is from 14 to 24 inches, you can decide to purchase a long or a medium wig.

We also have the same color and style ginger wig with a 4x0.75 T part wig. The limitation is that you have to keep the middle part all the time. However, because of the less lace, you can get it at a lower price. So you can decide according to your need and budget.

5. Auburn Loose Wave Wigs 13x4 Lace Front Wigs 180% Density

Auburn is a darker color close to brown, which is more versatile. And this is a loose wave wig with 180% density. If you like thick and full hair and have never tried auburn color, you will like it. If you get it as your Christmas gift, you can wear it at any time of the next year. It will match your outfit and style very well.

High-Quality HD Hair Wigs

Generally speaking, the lace area is 5x5. Compared with normal lace, HD lace is more transparent and breathable. Therefore, it will make you feel more comfortable and blend with your skin tone seamlessly. If you want a high-quality wig as your Christmas gift, the following wigs are worth considering.

6. Body Wave Natural Black Lace Frontal Closure Wig 180% Density

This is another body wave wig, which creates a perfect natural-looking hairline. And there are many different lengths, from 14 to 30 inches, for you to choose from. Besides, its 180% density makes the hair look thick and full enough. If you like the wig with high volume, choose it as your gift of the new year!

7. 5x5 Transparent HD lace closure Straight wig 180% Density Wig

All above are wave or curly wigs, so the last one we want to recommend to you is a straight hair wig. It is extremely lustrous and smooth. Furthermore, you can create any hairstyle with this wig. If you still have not a wig, a natural black straight wig may be the best choice!


Actually, wigs have been welcomed by people. Getting a new wig as your Christmas gift, or you want to prepare a beautiful wig for your family or your friend, is really a good idea. All the girls have the instinct to pursue beauty. May you can be who you dream to be in the new year!