How To make a cheap wig look real? This is a question that some customers will consider after they bought wigs from cheap wig sites or cheap wig stores. But we can not say they are not good products. When you want to buy a cheap wig from online stores, you will find that "cheap wig stores near me" is always a hot phrase on google and other search engines.

Let's face it, you probably chose your cheap wig because you liked the styling already. Cheap wigs with artificial fibers can tangle worse than any human hair, so it pays to give them a bit of love. Even if your wig was cheap, that's no reason to use it once or twice and then bin it. If you want to do a little more work on it or tidy it up after it's had a few nights on the town, that's fine. Let's talk about how to make a cheap wig look good, and how to style a cheap wig.

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how to make a cheap wig look natural?

Method 1: Cut it.

We recommend cutting long wigs to a more realistic-looking length and adding some layers to give the fake hair more movement. So grab a pair of nice scissors, the scissors don't have to be too nice because you'll be cutting synthetic hair, but it helps to find something better than regular crafting scissors.

The best way to thin out a dense wig is to use a combo of scissors and a razor comb, which will help thin the wig out until you get the desired look you want.

Seriously, cut iteven if you've never cut hair before. It can be a little nerve-wracking to cut up something you spent money on, but you really should just go for it if you want to make your wig look better. Cutting with small scissors is helpful if you're nervous about trimming the hair. That way, you can work on little sections at a time.

Method2:  Consider what hairstyles flatter you.

It's important to know which styles look good on you. For example, "I wouldn't cut bangs on my wig because the style doesn't flatter me. But I will use a razor comb to frame my face by shortening the hair on the sides of my face and layering the rest of the wig."

Method3: Dull it with dry shampoo.

If your wig looks too shiny, spritz it with dry shampoo. That should make it look more realistic.

how to fix a cheap wig?

Step 1: Snatch that Wig

They come out from hiding every Fall. Those hideous, unnecessarily shiny, stringy, cheap wigs. You see them at dollar stores, costume stores, and even some supermarkets! Lucky for us, that's exactly what we need. Find a wig the length and color you need for your cosplay. I got this beauty from a local Party City. Looks like I stole it from Barbie herself, doesn't it?

Step 2: Grab a bucket

Find a CLEAN bucket. It's tempting to use that old mop bucket, but it's better to use a fresh one from the dollar store. Drop that wig into the bucket and fill it with a fabric softener until it covers the wig. Fill the bucket with about a third of the bucket's height with cold water. Leave this concoction overnight to soak.

Step 3: Rinse and Dry

After giving your wig a spa day in a bucket of softener, rinse all of the softeners out with cold water. Most cheap wigs can't stand too much heat, but we'll get to that later. Dry your wig the best you can with a towel, then blow dry it the rest of the way on a VERY LOW SETTING. You'll likely run into a few knots. DO NOT CUT THEM OUT. You can get rid of knots by dividing the knotted strands in two with your fingers and gently pulling at the knot down the middle. Cutting out knots in wigs leave you with fewer wigs. Also, remember to comb the wig from the bottom to the top, as the strands are easier to untangle this way.

Step 4: Cautious Styling

Remember the moment I said not to apply heat? I may have lied a bit. These wigs can withstand heat just very low heat. Heat can sometimes be necessary to style a wig. Switch your straightener on the lowest setting and once that setting heats up, switch it off. Wait a minute to use the straightener. Heat test a tiny strand of fibers to see how much heat the wig can take. If it melts (gets soft and frizzy) then you need to let the iron cool before using it again. Disclaimer: Not all wigs will behave the same way with heat.

Now, you have learned how to style a cheap wig to make it look good. So, cheap wigs also can give us beauty look. Someone will ask where can I buy a cheap wig, or how to know the best cheap wig sites.

where can I buy a cheap wig?

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