Human Hair Wigs are expensive. Yes! Because they are all made of virgin human hair with the top quality. But If it is 50USD, Will you buy it? I think most of you are considering where to buy the cheap short blonde wigs? Just stop, you have the best place to get it. Without cheating! Come on and keep reading, guys!

From fun and trendy to timeless and chic, short blonde wigs are a popular choice in recent years. Whether you are going for a look of sophistication or one of casual ease, Nadula has the selection to suit your style. Choose from a variety of short blonde human hair wigs as well as a range of blonde shades from platinum to darker blondes with amber or honey highlights. Our short blonde wigs offer on-trend styles including asymmetrical cuts, pixies, bobs, side-swept bangs and more. If you’ve got a soft spot for curls, check out our tousled waves, romantic ringlets, and classic short curly blonde wigs. Whatever your cut, you can wear our cheap short blonde wigs with comfort and confidence!

                         Cheap Short Blonde Wigs For Sale 

1. short blonde bob wigs

short blonde bob wigs

This short platinum blonde wig is natural and fun. It comes pre-styled thus does not require trimming or shaping. This blonde Bob wig is beautifully cut in U shape that delicately swoops forward at both sides, gently touching your chin. Short Bob wig decently frames your shape and vows for doll-like facial contouring.

2. short blonde wigs for black women

short blonde wigs for black women

Our short blonde wigs for black women are proper for black sin and brown skin. They can choose any shades of blonde to get flatter colors. And all of our short blonde human hair wigs are welcomed by the American African girls.

3. short blonde curly wigs

short blonde curly wigs

The short curly blonde wigs are with small curls, like Jerry's curl. This type is suitable for women who do not like long wavy hair. And most of them like a lively and fast-paced lifestyle. There are many customers have given good opinions to the curly blonde wigs.

Blonde hair wigs are highly sought after because chemically dying hair is pretty tough on your bio hair! So, having that perfect blonde without the damage to your bio hair is one of the reasons blonde wigs are so popular. From, you can find top-grade platinum blonde wigs short, short blonde human hair lace front wigs and other types.

How To Choose The Different Shades of Blonde Hair Wigs?

There are lots of shade of blonde hair to choose from. Do you know which is proper for you? Here is a simple rule to help you find the right one for you:

1. If you are black or brown skin, you can choose any shade of blonde to wear. Because all the blonde wigs can brighten your color of skin. For example, the short platinum blonde wigs, dark roots blonde wigs, strawberry blonde wigs are all ok for you.

2. If your skin tone is one with more yellows or olive in it, you are considered a warm skin tone. You may be better choosing a cool blonde color to offset and complement your coloring.

3. If your skin tone has a pinker undertone or you are a cooler skin tone, your best results maybe with more golden blonde colors.

Warm blondes tend to work well with a cool skin tone. Cool blonde colors tend to work best with warmer skin tones. This will help simplify your search for short honey blonde wigs.

After choosing the right short wigs blonde, do you know how to make your short blonde real hair wigs look natural?

      How To Make Your Short Blonde Real Hair Wigs Look Natural?

Here are some tips to make your short blonde real hair wig look natural:

1. Rooted Colors 

Rooted colors give your wig dimension and a very natural look as it gives the illusion of the hair growing from your scalp. Rooted colors are also a product of a high-end salon visit. This also helps give the illusion of natural hair. However, if you just can't get used to the idea of the rooted look or If you can't find a rooted color for your cheap short blonde human hair wigs, make sure you pick a color that has a blend of two or more colors to give you dimension. Highlighted color has relatively the same effect as rooted. Solid colors and wigs have tended to look less natural. 

2. Short Blonde Lace Front Wigs And Monofilament Top Are Key! 

Having good quality human hair or synthetic hair and the right color is important but the right wig cap is key. You don’t necessarily need to buy the most expensive wig to achieve a natural look. 

Lace front wigs have a feature that gives you a virtually natural hairline that is seamless and looks like the hairs along the hairline are growing right out of your head. 

Monofilament tops feature the same benefit of lace front in that they also give the illusion of hair growing out of your scalp where the hair is parted. Because each hair is sewn in just like natural hair grows...It's a much more natural look.

3. Product and Heat From Your Hands

These simple tools can improve the look of any wig. Product is important to condition the hair (make sure to keep the conditioner mostly at the ends). Also, our favorite trick for tempering the glossy look some short hair blonde wigs may have is to use spray powder or dry shampoo lightly on the hair to bring the gloss to a natural shine. 

Use the heat from your hands to tame the flyaway hair and to help the hair at the hairline stand up off your head. Warm your hands together to create heat. Then place your hand on top of the wig. The heat will help with any unnecessary flyaways and will help create a lift where you need it.

4. Placement of Your Cheap Short Blonde Wigs 

Where you wear your wig will make a difference in how natural it looks. If your wig is too far down on your forehead, it will be noticeable. First, you want to make sure your wig is the right size. Then we recommend wearing a nylon or mesh cap underneath. This will conceal your hair and help any hair fall out under the wig. Your wig should lie right on your natural hairline.

Now, if you don’t have any hair and you’re trying to figure out where your natural hairline would be… Use the 90-degree angle trick. Simply hold one hand in front of your face pointing up while the other hand will rest on top of your head. Touch the fingertips of both hands together creating that 90-degree angle. Right where your fingertips meet will be where your hairline is! 

5. The Magic Blend Trick

One of our favorite tricks is blending the blonde wigs short in with your hair. Leave the front section of your hair out and wear the wig a little farther back on your head to expose your natural hair. Make sure to style your hair to match the wigs blonde short's texture or curl pattern for the most seamless look.