If you are suffering from hair fall, then hair wigs are the best option for you. Wigs have become a popular trend in this era and represent a fashion concept. A woman wearing a wig will gain many admiring looks as compared to the others. The blonde look is always one of the favorite looks among people. Even when they are searching for a wig, they prefer a blonde wig more than others. Blonde hairs are elegant, playful, and breezy. Suppose you are searching for a blonde wig and do not know how much it cost and how to choose the best. Do not worry you are at the right place in this article we will discuss in detail the different types of it depending upon the type or texture, length, and price.

Factors you should look for while purchasing a blonde wig

There are two factors you should definitely look for Types of wigs either synthetic or human hair wigs, and the other is the excellent quality cap construction.

Types of wigs:

When buying a wig, consider some things in order to ensure that you are investing money wisely. There are the following types of wigs that are Human hair wigs & Synthetic hair wigs.

1. Human hair wig

It is considered the best quality wig, among others. It costs between $700 to $2000. This is because it is made up of real human hair. It is a wonderful choice and gives you an authentic look. If you get a real human hair wig, then there is no comfortable feeling like it.

2. Synthetic hair wig

It is pre-styling and nearly trouble-free when it comes to styling. By using it with care and properly, no one can detect the difference between a human wig and a synthetic wig. The best synthetic hair wig cost ranges from $50 to $3000. But if you get the cap construction, your price range is between $200 to $400 for a good quality synthetic wig.

Cap construction

The second most important factor is the wig cap. The cost of a blonde wig depends upon how much you should spend on the wig cap construction.

There is a front lace cap, glueless cap or glued cap, etc. The selection of a wig cap depends upon your original hair density and the condition of your scalp. The most versatile cap is the lace front cap, which gives you a more realistic look.


Different ranges of  blonde wigs 

From our above discussion, we compile that human hair wigs are more expensive than factory-made synthetic wigs. Some of the price ranges are

●  Long blonde human hair wig_from $100 to$1400

● short blonde human hair wigs_from$45 to $400 approx

● Medium blonde human hair wigs_from $50 to $1100 approx

● Human handicraft wigs_from $1000 to $1500

● Human monofilament wigs_from $450 to $1300

● Short blonde synthetic hair wigs_from $25 to $300

● Long synthetic blonde hair wigs_from $35 to $400

● medium length blonde wigs synthetic_from $30 to $350 approx

● Synthetic handicraft wigs_from $200 to $400 approx

● Synthetic monofilament wigs_from $100 to $350 approx

● wavy blonde wigs range from $59 to $159

● lace front wigs blonde_ from $50 to$400 approx

Different styles of blonde wigs depend upon the color and shape

There are different styles of blonde wigs these are

● Blonde bob wig

● Blonde Ombre wig

● Blonde Honey wig

● platinum blonde wig

● Ash-blonde wig

● strawberry blonde wigs

● blonde wigs with bangs

● black and blonde wig

● blonde lace front wigs with baby hair etc.

How to choose a wig?

How to select a wig that perfectly fits on your scalp and suits you. Here I am discussing some useful tips for you

● Measure your head with a cloth measuring tape to determine the size of your hair cap.

● Try to choose a lighter shade from your actual hair color because less contrast is generally flattering.

● Decide which type of either human hair or synthetic hair wig. Many people prefer to buy synthetic wigs because they are easy to handle and cheaper($30 to $500) than human hair wigs that range from $800 to $3000. On the other hand, human hair wigs need more care.

● If you want a wig similar to your actual hair color and in addition to wanting a stylish look, then you have to purchase two wigs. One wig is the same as your actual color, and the other is a fun new color, style, and length.

● Always select the best and most affordable with your range. If you want a more realistic look, you go with the monofilament or front lacework.

Ombre Blonde Highlights Straight Frontal Wig Review

Caring for your wig

With proper care, a synthetic wig can last for six months, and a human hair wig lasts for nine months to a year of daily wear. Now the question is how to take care of a wig for as long as possible.

● Wash your wig gently after every 8 to 10 years.

● If you have a synthetic wig, keep it away from the heat, i.e., grill, oven, outdoor heater, or an open-flame grill. In some cases, heating hair styling tools also damage your synthetic wig. If you want to use heat styling tools, then make sure to purchase a heat-friendly synthetic wig.

● When you are not using a wig, store it on the wig, and stand in your house that gets little sunlight, heat, and moisture. If you do not have a wig stand, you can also make it in your home.

In this article, we discuss all the important features of a synthetic and human hair blonde wig. Now it is totally up to you, which is best according to your taste and, most importantly, your price range. It doesn't really matter which quality you choose if you feel comfortable and realistic in synthetic go for it. I hope this article is helpful to you in finding out your dreamy product.