There are many hair textures in the human Remy hair market. Remy hair is unprocessed human hair that is collected from a single person. The Peruvian hair and Malaysian hair are both Remy human hair. But why do they call them names and which one is better?

What is Peruvian Hair?

The Peruvian hair is also virgin human hair, made of 100 Peruvian virgin hair, that has never been processed or treated with any chemicals. The natural Peruvian hair is in its natural state with its cuticles running in the same direction and intact. They can be dyed, straightened, curled, washed, or blow-dried just like your own hair and still remain healthy. It is very soft and doesn't tangle or shed off. It blends very well with African-American relaxed hair textures and medium Caucasian hair textures.

Peruvian hair vendors also provide many patterns like Malaysian hair. For example, Peruvian hair weave body wave, Peruvian curly hair weave, Peruvian straight hair weave, Peruvian deep wave hair weave, Peruvian curly hair weave, and Peruvian straight hair weave, etc.

What is Malaysian hair?

Virgin Malaysian hair is one of the most popular types of hair used for extensions due to the fact that it flatters all ethnicity equally and is stunning regardless of how it is styled or worn. Malaysian hair weave is thick, coarse, and comes with a tight but luxurious curl pattern.

The Hair extensions and hair weaves that are made out of Malaysian hair are also extremely versatile making them easy to wear alongside natural hair, in a weave, or any style the wearer desires. It can be dyed, straightened, curled, washed, or blow-dried just like your own hair and still remain healthy.

Human hair sellers always styled the bundles of human hair with many patterns, like Malaysian body wave bundles, Malaysian curly hair bundles, Malaysian straight hair bundles, etc. Different waves have different styles and they can be satisfied by every consumer.

Which One Do You Prefer?


Compared with Malaysian hair, Peruvian hair is much more coarse and usually in light brown, natural black, and deep brown colors. Because of its natural soft texture, it may not hold curls as long as other types of hair. If you want to achieve a soft and natural look, Peruvian hair will be your best choice.

Malaysian wavy hair is heavy and thick when compared with Peruvian hair, it has a beautiful natural shine. The hair holds curls very well, it is very suitable for women of African or Afro-Caribbean descent.


The similarity between them is both Peruvian hair and Malaysian hair are real human hair. Both Peruvian and Malaysian hair are good choices for women who want to buy real human hair weaves. If you want hair that is coarser, then choose Peruvian hair. If you need curly hair weave bundles, Malaysian hair is a good choice.

DO'S And DON'TS For Remy Human Hair

  •  Do not wash your hair right after the sew-in weave is removed. Detangle your natural hair before washing, else hair forms locks, and gets matted.
  • Do not let your hairstylist braid your hair or sew-in the weave too tight. If the weave is too tight, you'll start having migraines and a very good chance of pulling out your natural strands due to tension.
  • Do not take the weaves out without professional help. If done wrong, there is a good chance of damaging your own hair.
  •  Do get full-head weaves and a closure that creates a false hairline. If you don't want closure for the hairline, ask your hairstylist not to braid the baby hairs which can add a natural hairline.
  • Do buy the best quality hair you can afford. High-quality weaves can be reused and can last more than a year, with proper maintenance.
  • Do ask your stylist to use silk threads instead of cotton threads for sewing. Cotton threads absorb moisture which was meant for your natural hair.
  • Do wash and condition your hair at least once a week to keep the weave away from dirt and product buildup. Always use a Sulphate-free Shampoo and Conditioner.
  • Do use a leave-in Conditioner to give extra moisture to your hair.
  • Do get a protein treatment every month to strengthen the roots of your strands.
  • Do make sure your natural hair is completely dry after a swim, go in the rain or shower. Wet hair can cause mold and stink.
  • Do use coconut oil/castor oil/olive oil to moisturize your natural hair at least once a week.

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