Is baby hair still important to lace front wigs? For wigs, proper baby hair styling will make your wig look more natural. During the installation process, a lace front wig usually requires some styling and preparation to achieve a smooth and natural look. But for a baby hair appearance, there are so many styles, so it may not be so easy for a beginner. If you think you have trouble making baby hair out of wigs, this article will help you to make baby hair on wigs.

make baby hair on wigs

What is baby hair?

If you want to create satisfying baby hair, the first thing you need to know is what baby hair is. Baby hair, just as its name implies, is the thinner, wispy, or shorter hair at the edge of the hairline. They tend to have a slightly different texture and look than the rest of your hair. What is baby hair?
Many people choose to shave a few strands of hair around the hairline of their lace wigs for a "baby hair" look.
It's often thought that baby hair adds a natural look to a wig, and since many of us have baby hair in our own hair, it makes sense that a wig would have baby hair, too, right? Baby hair can cover the forehead area, making any lace wig look more realistic.

What is the benefit of baby hair?

Some people think adding baby hair to a lace front wig is unnecessary. Baby hair just looks like an extra step if your lace front wig looks natural, the wig is of good quality, and other methods have been used when installing it. Well, I'm telling you, that is a wrong thought. There are many advantages to adding baby hair to a lace front wig, and I'll break it down for you.

baby hair to a lace front wig

1. Baby hair can make your hairline look more realistic

First of all, baby hair narrows the hairline, and by creating baby hair on the front of the wig, a more natural look can be created.
Secondly, baby hair draws attention to the hair, rather than any lace and wig at the front of the hairline. The added texture of baby hair also makes the wig look more natural, like your own hair.

2. Baby hair highlights your style

Baby hair can help frame your face and provide a smooth transition between the wig and your face. When you use a baby hair wig to do a ponytail or something up, baby hair makes any hairstyle look even cuter.

3. Baby hair can add clarity to a wig

Baby hair is a natural way to make any lace front wig look realistic, and thinning the front of the wig with shorter hair adds clarity to the wig, which is no wonder why baby hair is often added to lace front wigs.

How to make baby hair on wigs?

Making baby hair on wigs by yourself is not a difficult thing, according to my tutorial, you will make the perfect baby hair on your wig.

1. Choose the right wig

If you want to create the ideal baby hair, it's important to have a wig that fits you. After all, baby hair is built on a lace front wig. So before thinking about what kind of baby hair you want, choose a suitable wig.

2. Trim baby hair

First of all, you need to determine which hair is going to be used for baby hair. You need to leave it out individually. You don't need to leave too much out. After separating out baby hair wigs, comb them to make sure they are smooth and knot-free.
Next, you can use a razor blade to trim baby hair to about an inch in length. You can trim the sides of the hair first and then the middle hair last, preferably to make the sides slightly shorter than the middle hair, so that the baby's hair will look more layered.

3. Style your baby hair

You can use hairspray to style baby hair. Never apply styling gel directly to a baby hair. It should be applied first to the hairline to help you better shape the baby hair on the forehead.
Finally, you can use a rat-tail comb to build the edge of the baby hair. After removing excess or broken hair, repeat the steps above to make the remaining baby hair.

4. Blow drying your hair

After completing the above steps, you can wrap your hair in a silk scarf and then use a hair dryer to dry your hair directly after the scarf is set in place. After completing this step, a perfect baby hair styling is complete.


Did you learn how to make baby hair for your wig through the tutorial above? These are some of the easiest baby hair steps for beginners, but if you're good at making baby hair, you can take on more complex styles. Finally, if you don't have a suitable wig, nadula will provide you with different types of human hair wigs. It will provide you with a more beautiful and natural look, which is also very helpful in creating your baby hair. There's got to be a look for you.