There are so many holidays to celebrate in November and December, such as Halloween just past, and Christmas just around the corner. Braids are a staple of any festival style. Are you ready for your own unique festival braid? Today I will tell you how to make jumbo festival braids, which are perfect for...... The festival! 

What are the benefits of jumbo festival braids?

Jumbo festival braids are a great way to add color, glitter, and creativity to your look. Cute jumbo festival braids attract many fashionable girls. So why are they so popular? Now let me give you a detailed introduction.

1. Easy to make

Jumbo festival braids are great for anyone

Jumbo festival braids are great for anyone who has ever struggled to master braids. As long as you have a little bit of braiding background, you'll be able to understand how to make a jumbo festival braid, which is easy to learn. If you choose to go to the barber shop, it won't take you too long.

2. Get a unique appearance

Jumbo festival braids have a beautiful color blend

Jumbo festival braids have a beautiful color blend that easily adds beauty to your hair, and you can use synthetic hair made from premium, heat-resistant hair to make jumbo festival braids that look natural while wearing. What's more, you can choose from many different colors of hair extensions and change the color of your braid entirely according to your preference. Feel free to be bold and choose any color you like, but don't worry about it being weird. You can easily create your own unique style. Perfect for Cosplay, parties, and big festivals.

3. Have a strong festive atmosphere

highlight the festive atmosphere

Jumbo festival braids, as the name implies, are designed to highlight the festive atmosphere. There's nothing like it when it comes to keeping your hair intact at a big holiday event. Jumbo festival braids can not only keep you in style throughout the day but also give you a strong holiday vibe.

How to make jumbo festival braids?

Adding a jumbo festival braid is super easy if you've already mastered the basics of Dutch braids, and here is my top tip for safely making a jumbo festival braid.

1. Get the large braid you need

Take the braids you need and gently divide them into 4 equal sections. Braids are textured, synthetic hair that knots easily and is not meant to be combed. Therefore, it must be handled carefully and prepared for the style you are going to create.
Next, you need to attach a pin in the middle of each braid and place it in a position where your hands can reach it.

2. Brush your hair

You need to brush your natural hair neatly and make sure there are no tangles. The second thing is to deal with frizzy hair. I suggest you use a wet gel to tame any loose hair. This will mean that your hair can be very neat for jumbo festival braids.

3. Start braiding your hair

If you haven't done jumbo festival braids before, which you may find it is difficult, you can use bobby pins for added security. Start braiding your hair, as usual, starting at the top of your head and after you've done two full patterns with your natural hair, take your large braid out and slide the bobby pin into your braid so that it sticks out the other side, this will keep the hair in place. Continue adding and building braids along the head as usual. Keeping your hands close to your head is very important for tight Dutch braids.
As you braid down, add your large braid piece by piece, using bobby pins to slide the hair into the braid, and keep your hands on the braid firmly. Once all the pieces have been added and you have secured the large braid to the bottom, use baby elastic to tie the hair at the end.

4. Trim the end of your braid with scissors

Because the braid you are using is not your natural hair and can easily become knotted when braiding, you need to trim the ends to help keep the braid looking nice and neat.

5. Remove the bobby pins

Your jumbo festival braid is ready, and at this point, you can slowly take out any visible bobby pins and gently thread them back into your hair. If some bobby pins are hidden in braids, then we would recommend leaving them in place, it will help you hold your hairstyle in place. At this point, a nice jumbo festival braid is finished, and if you're still feeling drab, you can add some decorations to the braid.

Different types of jumbo festival braids

In the last section, I explained in detail how to make beautiful jumbo festival braids. This is based on the Dutch braid, of course, but you can also make other jumbo festival braids.

1. Half up and half down bubble festival braids

The bubble braid is definitely not a weird hairstyle, instead, it can make you the glitter in the crowd, and paired with colorful braids, it's the perfect jumbo festival braids.

2. Double bubble festival braids

Double bubble braids will make you look even cuter, perfect for cute and sweet girls.

3. Tree braid ponytail festival braids

Beautiful tree braid ponytail and multi-toned hair are perfect for those who like to make a statement.

4. Half-up tree festival braids

The half-tied style is beautiful, so you can recreate a loose bun, or try a ponytail. You can choose