For most of the American African women, they are not satisfying their natural hair.They are always buying expensive or cheap human hair weave bundles from the online shops.This can make their hair thicker at once.Now let us talk something about the hair problem:

Our Hair Is Defined By The Genes

No matter how thick our hair is, and how quickly it deteriorates and disappears, it is mostly defined by the genes we inherit from our parents.But there is an awful lot you can do to slow this process down, and in some cases practically stop it. Once you learn how to thicken hair naturally, you will be able to stop or slow down hair loss and thicken the hair you have.

I know that sounds a big claim, but if you use the right natural ingredients and methods it is perfectly possible to add volume to your hair. It's not tough to do, and we are going to go through all of it right now.

So Why Is Your Hair So Thin?

The first thing to understand when you are considering naturally thickening your hair and worrying about why your hair seems so thin is to make sure you have got a full dose of reality.It's far too easy nowadays to compare ourselves to people on the TV, or in movies. So you shouldn't compare yourself to unrealistic expectations.

Apart from that, the basic reason why your hair is so thin is down to genetic, environmental and head treatment factors. By looking at these and addressing them it's perfectly possible to add volume and shine to your hair, leaving it looking far more healthy.

How To Make Your Hair Thicker?

1.Avoid Putting Things In You That Will Weaken Your Hair

One key thing is smoking. Everyone knows that it can affect the skin, making you look pasty and older than you are. But it can also affect the hair. People who smoke have thinner and weaker hair. It can choke off and kill their hair follicles more quickly.

The second thing to look at is your general diet. If you are not getting the right nourishment, especially the right vitamins and minerals, then your hair will not be as strong and vibrant as it could be.

2.Relax, Sleep & Exercise For Thicker Hair

Stress and anxiety can affect the strength, thickness, and volume of our hair. In extreme cases, stress can cause alopecia. So making sure you try and address the causes of stress and anxiety in your life will help to protect your hair.

And while you are laying awake worrying about your hair, you are not getting enough sleep. You should be looking to get the recommended number of hours of proper sleep each night, for an adult around seven hours, so that your body can regenerate, which includes nourishing your hair and strengthening your hair follicles.

Installing The Good Hair Weave

Installing the hair weave bundles or hair extensions, or hair wigs is the best and fastest way to make your hair thicker. If you always shopping from the internet, you will find that there are so many human hair bundles for sale on Aliexpress, Amazon, or other online shopping malls.And they are claiming they have Brazilian human hair, Peruvian human hair or other virgin human hair textures.

The people who are selling human hair are from worldwide, and their quality is not same.But if you have read this blog: "What Should You Know About Hair Extensions If You Considering Them? " You will have the method to buy cheap 100 human hair weave for yourself.Before you make the order, you had better view the customer reviews of the human hair first. Hair extensions reviews always remind us that the best extensions are those that we can wear discreetly.

Most Popular Types Of Human Hair Extensions

1. Cuticle Virgin Human Hair

According to many hair extensions reviews and experts, Cuticle Virgin human Hair has the highest quality among other hair types. This is because Cuticle Virgin Hair comes from 100 percent real human tresses. It is collected from donors with healthy hair that has never been touched by any chemical treatments. Meaning, the hair is in its natural, virgin state upon collection. Cuticle Virgin Hair is naturally delicate and fragile, that is why the processing system needs to be gentle and thorough in order to keep the hair quality intact.

When processed properly with the right process, Cuticle Virgin Human hair extensions should be healthy, glossy, and natural looking. Hair reviews all agree that Cuticle Virgin Hair is quite expensive because of its excellent features. But experts claim that it lasts longer than any other extensions, making it worthy of investment.

Hair strands under this category are usually processed, curled, or waved into different styles and textures of human hair bundle deals, namely: Body Wave, Brazilian Wave, Deep Curly, Afro-Kinky, Tight Curl, and Wavy weave hair among others.For the color, there are ombre hair weave, natural black hair weave, 1b color hair weave and others.

2. Remy Human Hair

Human hair extensions reviews tagged Remy hair as the most popular on the market because of its unquestionable quality and reasonable price.Cheap 100 human hair also can be remy human hair.

High-quality Remy Hair comes from several donors wherein the strands are cut to a full length. Remy hair extensions don't have to be in its virgin state, as long as all of the cuticles are intact, and the strands follow the same direction.

True Remy hair should be free from tangling and matting even after several washes. Hair reviews recommend this hair type for weave fanatics who want high-quality products but aren't willing to spend much on cuticle hair.

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