When it comes to lace wigs, you're no stranger. The lace wigs were designed to give the wearer the illusion of a natural hairline. No one can tell you're wearing a wig. There is a question that continues to trouble wig users, which is can I sleep with a lace front wig? If you are interested in this question, please read on. In this article, I will analyze the pros and cons of wearing a lace wig to bed, and how to wear it properly while sleeping.

The pros and cons of wearing a lace wig to bed

As technology improves, wigs become more and more natural to wear, just like your natural hair, which can reduce a lot of your social annoyances and make you feel more confident. There are both pros and cons to sleeping in a lace wig, which I'll break down for you.

The advantages of sleeping in a lace wig

1. Get more sleep time

As any girl who wears a lace wig knows, removing it before bed involves a series of very complicated steps. In order to remove the wig, you need to apply various sprays, which will waste your valuable rest time. So wearing a lace wig to sleep gives you more time to rest

2. Save time on morning makeup

If you take off your lace wig at night before you go to bed and then take the time to put it back on in the morning, you will put on many makeup steps. When you go to work the next day or wake up late at school, you rush to get dressed, make breakfast, and wash and brush your hair. You will be much busier at this time. In addition, because wearing a lace wig is not easy, you must go through many steps. If you don't take off your wig, simply brushing it can help you get out the door quickly, saving you time getting ready to go.

3. Help you save money

Because professional hairstylists have enough experience, some people may go to a professional to wear a wig because they don't know how to do it or are afraid of damaging it. For beginners, once the wig is off and they want to put it on again, they have to turn to a professional. This is undoubtedly a waste of time and money.

The disadvantages of sleeping in a lace wig

1. Lace wigs suffer from friction

When you wear a lace wig to bed, it's hard to avoid friction between the wig and the sheets and pillowcases. Excessive friction can easily knot a wig, making it lose shine and softness. In addition, the lace of the wig is very delicate, the slightest friction can damage the lace, and the cost of repairing and replacing the lace is expensive, and may cause a waste of money.

2. Affect scalp health

Sleeping in a lace wig can make the scalp unable to breathe, especially in summer when the weather is very hot and it is easy to grow bacteria on the scalp. At the same time, the scalp cannot breathe, which adversely affects the growth of its native hair.

3. High maintenance cost

When wearing a wig to sleep, the friction between the wig and the bed sheet and pillowcase will make the wig lackluster and soft. At this point, you need to repair and maintain the wig. If you take the wig off before bed, you don't need to wash it frequently.

How to sleep with a lace wig?

By now you know the pros and cons of sleeping in a lace wig, but there's no avoiding it in daily life. It's okay to sleep in a wig, but do it the right way.

1. Use silk sheets and pillowcases

The smoothness of silk will reduce its friction on the lace wig. Nice quality of the silk sheets and pillowcases has zero friction on the wig, which can effectively avoid dry and frizzy hair and reduce tangled hair.

2. Apply some moisturizing lotion before bed

Moisturizing your hair with a moisturizing lotion will keep it hydrated, reduce tangles, and keep it shiny.

3. Uncurl your wig while you sleep

It is the easiest way to take care of your hair, as some of it gets stuck under your head while you sleep, which can cause tangles. Dealing with this problem is as simple as using your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to slowly untangle the hair, just remember not to pull the wig when you can't untangle it and don't use a fine-toothed comb to untangle it, as this can damage your lace wig and cause some hair to fall out. So if a lace wig starts to get tangled, untangle it before the problem gets worse.


All in all, by wearing and maintaining your lace wig properly, you can have a great hairstyle even while you sleep.