Both human hair and synthetic wigs have always been popular with women. Of course, they like to wear wigs for different reasons, and some women want to change their appearance to show their charm. Some women want to cover their hair and increase the amount of their hair, while others want to try different hair colours and hairstyles but don't want to hurt their hair. So wigs of various colours, styles, densities, lengths and textures meet the needs of women. Human hair wigs are the most popular on the market because they can style at will and have the best quality, but they are a bit expensive, and the price is different due to different quality and styles. How to span the life of a wig through various methods has become a hot topic. This article will introduce several good ways to store wigs.

1. Should I Clean My Wig Before I Store It?

Absolutely, Yes. It would be best if you made sure that the wigs are clean, air dry and unentangled before storage. If you store the wig without cleaning it, as if you take back your dirty clothes into your closet, there will be a very bad smell after a long time. So to keep the wig going for as long as possible, clean it before putting it away. Then, you can find great ways to store your wig.

2. What Is The Best Environment For Store Wigs?

We all know how to store bread or milk, preferably at low temperatures. What is the best environment to store a wig? The environment is also an important factor affecting the wig service life. Do not leave the wig in a wet place. Otherwise, your wig will attract dust, mould and other less-good chemicals. Do not store your wigs in direct sunlight or hot areas. Otherwise, your wig will have a faded look and be weaker. If your wig takes too much time in the heat, it will even fall apart. So it is better to store the wig in a dry, cool place.

If you have multiple wigs, you can place them according to their colour and frequency of use. You should always store your wig orderly to avoid confusing your hair. By storing the wigs in an orderly manner, you can guarantee they can last for a long time. Remember to keep the original wig bag to carry and store with you. Please do not put anything else on the wig when you store it. Buy some necessary items for wig storage. Mark each wig by length, colour, and style for easy use.

3. How To Store Your Wigs Perfectly?

Depending on the storage time and tools, we have several perfect ways to store wigs.

3.1 Short-Term Storage

If you need to change your wig daily, then short-term storage is the best option. In the short term, the best way to store the wig is to put it in the box where it comes from. Wig boxes are designed to keep your wigs in good condition, so they are an ideal place to store them. It is also easy to stack these boxes. The wig box is light enough, the weight will not damage your wig, and the box is too small, so it will not take up a lot of space. Store and pickup of wigs are very convenient. If you don't have a wig box or need a place to store your wig, folding the wig is a good choice. Fold it half from ear to ear properly, then put it in a clean plastic bag. It is better to put some paper inside the wig. It can help your wig maintain its shape in the bag. If you travel frequently, you can purchase a custom wig box and folding wig holder to ensure that your wig stays its style while travelling.

3.2 Long-Term Storage

a.Multi-wig stand- If you have many wigs and want to store several human hair wigs at the same time, you can buy a multi-wig stand. It can carry two, three or more wigs at once. This wooden wig holder is compared to a storage organizer. When using it, do not worry the wig will be out of shape because its shape is like the shape of a human head.

b. Portable Wig Storage Bags With Hangers- There is a hanger on such a wig storage bag through which you can clip your lace front wigs tightly. Your hair can be laid down flatly, and you don’t need to worry it will get tangled. You can also hang your lace front wig or lace closure wig in your closet, which is very convenient.

c. A Mannequin Head- You can store the wig on the mannequin head, which is easy to operate. Usually, its size is the same as the human head so that it can maintain the wig's shape very well. In daily life, it is recommended to comb your wig with a wide-tooth comb and shake it every few days to prevent dust from falling on it.

d. A Wig Stand- Like the mannequin head, the wig stand is the perfect choice for storage and does not take up as much space as the mannequin head.

e. A Silk or Satin Bag- A silk or satin wig storage bag is perfect for keeping the wig fibre intact, which means you are protected from the elements that may cause it to frizz or even tangle in your home. Moreover, when stored in the bag, your wig will not retain any moisture and will remain soft and silky.

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The right way to store your wig will make your wig last longer. If you are looking for ways to store your wig, this article will help you. Act now and make your investment last longer.