Do you want to style some cool and stylish bangs, but you're not quite sure which length to choose? For those who want to be edgy, baby bangs are now the trendiest. In fact, baby bangs are an incredibly recognizable hair trends that never seem to go completely out of fashion. If you're thinking about trying out baby bangs, you should not miss this article.

baby bangs

What are baby bangs?

Baby bangs are very simple little bangs! They can add a lot of style to your overall look. With the perfect baby bangs, you can highlight your facial features in a super chic way. Unlike traditional bangs that tend to stop at or under your eyebrows, baby bangs are raised and usually stop a few inches above your eyebrow line. They can be shredded, blunt, soft, fluffy, needle straight, super textured, etc. What are baby bangs?
It's no surprise that baby bangs are back in vogue. With the rise of the bouffant, this crop with bangs looks especially good, and more and more girls are opting for mini bangs. But baby bangs actually look glamorous on more than just fluffy hair. From Bob to long layers, mini bangs can add a layer of depth to your look, allowing you to alter your overall look without making drastic changes. Baby bangs last an average of two to three months. If you like a soft fringe look, I recommend trimming every two to three weeks. If you prefer a more dramatic, longer look, you can trim it every three weeks.

What are baby bangs?

How to style baby bangs?

If you are ready to try baby bangs for yourself, you can choose to go to a barber's shop and seek the help of a hairstylist. Secondly, you can also shape baby bangs yourself at home.

• Visit the barbershop to style baby bangs

When you first go to the barbershop to get your baby bangs cut, be sure to plan to discuss your face shape and what works for you, as well as your existing hairstyle and how to change the way it is cut. Because they come in many shapes and sizes, you may want something that frames the face and fuses into layers that frame the face. If you don't like the face frame, you may want something blunt and sideways. If you have a round face, don't go for a round bun. If you have a square or heart-shaped face, then baby bangs may not be for you, as they increase the emphasis Angle and make them look sharper. In addition, they can make sharp chin lines appear longer, which may not be the direction you want.
I still suggest you cut baby bangs at the salon. Since these bangs are short, mistakes are much more likely. It's easy to get too short. One second you're not short enough, the next you're almost at your hairline.

How to style baby bangs?

• Make baby bangs at home

If you want to try the baby bangs at home, you'll need to have scissors, and a sharp blade, ready to make sure each hair is cut on the first pass. The second is that you can try to point cut, if something feels too blunt, in the baby fringe around the vertical cut, break the ends, and removed the blunt edge. Just make sure to focus the scissors on the edge of your hair, not too close to the tassel itself.

Make baby bangs at home

What are the best baby bangs styles for 2023?

If you want to make a change, but don't necessarily want to change the length of your hair, then you can try a new hair trend called baby bangs. Baby bangs can be applied to most hair types and textures, so read on for 3 of the hottest baby bangs of 2023.

1. Short pixie with cropped baby bangs

This short pixie cut with bangs and a messy top does wonders for the beautiful round face. The slightly longer side and crown sections ensure that the style remains fresh and feminine. A short hairstyle like this with cute and cool flowing baby bangs is perfect for young women who like to follow trends.

2. Baby bangs for wavy bob

In fact, the baby bangs are a modern element when paired with a copper wavy chin-length Bob that touches up the sides and top.

3. Dark & long hair with baby bangs

Dark, long hair, very modern, this hairstyle with defined bangs looks amazing on women in their thirties. If you want to stand out with something new and modern that no one else will have, this is the look for you!


Now is the perfect time to refresh your look, try new hairstyles, and incorporate some of the hottest trends of the year. Whether you want a short tassel or a wisp of bangs that only grazes your forehead, the key to the baby bangs craze is to make them the short hair you want!