Hey, are you looking forward to Christmas day and the Christmas party? Have you thought about how you should dress up for the Christmas party? Do you want a special and shining style? As a hair fashion lover, I want to introduce an easy way to make you different from others to style your wig——hair tinsel! Today this blog will introduce something about hair tinsel for you.

What Is Hair Tinsel?  

At the very beginning, lets have a basic understanding of hair tinsel. Hair tinsel firstly became popular in the 90s and is making a strong comeback today. Hair tinsel is a thin and shiny thread that can be tied in the hair temporarily, which will provide shimmer and reflective effects.

Actually, hair tinsel is very interesting and versatile. There are various colors for you, from shades that match your wig to different shades of the rainbow, to get a unique style of your own.

hair tinsel

How To Tie Tinsel In Hair Wig?

If you are wondering how to put in hair tinsels, you can focus on the content of this part. We will introduce 2 ways to tie hair tinsel in your wig.

1. Part your hair

Firstly, use a comb to do a proper part according to the structure of your wig. If your wig can only keep the middle part, you dont have to part it again; if your wig has a big area of lace part, you can part it according to your preference.

2. Fold the tinsel in half

There are many options when you choose the color of your hair tinsel. You can choose a color similar to the color with your wig. Bright-colored tinsel is also a good choice, which stands out against your hair color and can create a bold and shining style.

Because you need to fold them in half to tie in your hair root, you should buy the hair tinsel as twice as long as your hair length so that the tinsel can keep the same length as your wig.

3. Make a slip knot

In order to make a slip knot with tinsel, first, you need to hold the folded end with one hand so that a loop is formed. Then use the thumb and index finger of the other hand to pass through the ring and pinch the two ends of the tinsel and pull back. Then a slip knot is finished.

There is a way to check whether the knot is successfully tied. Remove your fingers and pull the loop away, the ring will disappear instead of tightening into a knot.

4. Tie the loop in your hair

Grab 2 or 3 hairs and make them through the loop, and then pull the ends of the tinsel to tighten it near the roots of the hairs. Remember to make sure that the strands of hair completely go through the loop so that they wont get tangled or knotted.

5. Tie the tinsel into a simple knot

To avoid the tinsel sliding off the hair, you should make it tight. Overlap the two ends of the tinsel, and then make one through the look. Then, pull the ends in opposite directions to secure the knot near the roots of hairs. The knot can keep the tinsel in your wig for about 3 weeks. You can comb and style your wig as usual and it wont break or get smelly.

hair tinsel2

How Do You Remove Hair Tinsel?

After having tied tinsel in a wig, maybe you are considering how to remove it. Because we may want to change the color of tinsel or get an original wig style.

If you tie the hair tinsel as the steps we tell you above, it will be very easy and convenient to remove it. When you want to take tinsel out, you should find the knot near hair roots, then pinch it and slide it down the hair slowly until it is completely out of the hairs.

Some Wigs & Hair Tinsel

Some pictures of wigs with tinsel will be shown in the following. You can see that different wigs with different colors of tinsel.

1. Hair tinsel & black hair

From the picture, we can see that Winnie Harlow mixes many hair tinsel with black hair. The bright colored tinsel contrasts sharply with the black hair, which makes her hair more shining and special. The quantity and color of hair tinsel are up to you. If you want a more natural hair look, you can choose slight tinsel.

hair tinsel3


2. Hair tinsel in curly hair wig

If you have a curly wig or you want to style your wig into curly, you dont need to worry about the tinsel, you can style your wig as usual. But that does not mean it can stand too high heat. Proper heat is better for both your wig and the hair tinsel.

hair tinsel4


3. Hair tinsel& blonde hair wig

Blond wig has light hair color so it can show the color of hair tinsel. If you use colored hair tinsel, it will be very obvious in your blond hair wig. That will be a very beautiful decoration for the blonde hair.

hair tinsel5


Hair tinsel is an affordable way to get a unique hairstyle. You can get a special and gorgeous hairstyle by adding hair tinsel to your wig. And this blog also introduced how to put hair tinsel in your wig. I wish the method can help you get your dreaming hairstyle with tinsel. If you have some ideas about how to tie hair tinsel and some styling ideas, welcome to share them with us in the comment section.