Maybe most of us tend to pay more attention to the wig installation. We always try our best to make our wig secured enough but ignore that how to take off a wig should be the main focus as well. It should be noted that considering the fact that removing your lace front wig improperly can ruin your unit or even rip out our edges. How to remove lace front wigs without damage is very important for everyone to learn about, which is why we post this blog to make a comprehensive guide on taking off lace wigs.

How To Take Off A Lace Front Wig?

To make sure the wig stays in place, wig wearers love the option of using adhesive to lay their wigs because of how realistic it makes the wig look. After wearing the wig for a long time, it will not go anywhere. Now you should prepare the adhesive remover, a spray bottle filled with water, a towel, and shampoo.

1. Spay wig adhesive remover around the hairline

The adhesive remover plays the role of solvent and should be applied to your edges. Spray it around your hairline and make sure not to get in your eyes. It's gonna start dripping, so just touch your head back a little bit.

Make sure the adhesive remover is applied nicely and saturated, then let it sit for five minutes. The longer you leave it on, the more the glue will dissolve. Please don't rub it because you will rub the product all over the place.

Spay wig adhesive remover

If you cannot decide which adhesive remover to choose, you can buy the whole kit because every glue is made differently by different manufacturers. Sometimes, mixing and matching products won't work for you.

2. Take off the lace wig

For the sake of your hairline, do not force the wig off. Go ahead and take it off. After the first step, you can see the wig just lifts up easily and slips off right there. You will notice that see there is some residue on my skin and the lace of your wig. If you want to get out the residue too, you could still spray the remover and just spray it on the hairline and let it sit for a while.

Take off the lace wig

3. Scrub the edge to remove the wig cap

Spray the water on the towel continuously until you dampen it totally. Put some shampoo onto the towel and spray a little water. Go ahead and scrub your forehead, just go in circular motions while doing this. Then continue to spray my hairline with water just a little bit to loosen it up more. You can also add more shampoo during the process.

Scrub the edge to remove the wig cap

Keep on doing this until it starts to come off. As you can see we're already getting one side coming off, keep on massaging it until it's literally slipping off. For the most part, this process is pretty simple. After taking off the wig cap, you have finished removing the wig.

remove wig cap

Is There Any Wig That Can Be Taken Off Easily?

The gold rule you should keep in mind when removing a hair wig is to be patient. Don’t rush this process, do it step by step. So a lace front wig cannot be taken off very easily and quickly. If you think dealing with a lace front wig is a difficult and complex process, some wigs can be installed and removed easily.

What Wigs Can Be Taken Off Easily?

Generally, if you wear the wigs with lace part, it is inevitable to deal with glue. We have some wigs designed for the hot summer. With these wigs, you don’t have to use any glue or wig tape, which will help you save much time and energy and is very suitable for a hurry and lazy day. Besides, they are more affordable than lace wigs, meanwhile, are very natural and have different trendy hairstyles.

1. Headband Wigs

Headband wigs are also named half wigs. You can wear it just like a cap. You can choose different headbands to decorate your wig and create different styles. It is well suited for the first-time user or beginner in the wig world. Headband wigs are designed with 4 combs and adjustable Velcro straps. They help the wig to fit securely in place when placed on top of your head.

curly headband wigs

2. V Part Wigs

If you try to take off a v-part wig, just loosen the combs inserted into your natural hair section and carefully remove it. The name of V part wigs originates from the v shape opening at the top. The V shape opening is left for your natural hair. No matter whether you leave natural hair or not, it will look super natural. They will blend with your natural hair quite perfectly, which makes it hard to tell the difference between your hair and the wig’s hair.

curly v part wig


In short, if you prefer lace front wigs, please keep patient when you try to take them off; if you want some more convenient wigs, glueless wigs will be wonderful for you. And if you have never tried headbands and v-part wigs, this summer is the right time! Nadula offers different styles of wigs made out of 100% human hair, welcome to visit and purchase!