In recent years, as people put forward new demands for the comfort and convenience of wigs, some glueless wigs that can meet people's pursuit of beauty and are easy to wear have been produced. V part wigs and headband wigs are the two most typical representatives of glueless wigs.

These two types of wigs actually have a lot in common so many girls are often hesitant about which one to choose. Today we will give a basic introduction to these two wigs, including their commonalities and differences, to help you make better choices through the comparison.

What Are V Part Wigs And Headband Wigs?

V part wig is a wig that is modified half wig with a v-shaped opening at the top. You can also understand it as a wig sewn on a v-part wig cap. You can leave some of your natural hair for the v-shape opening to cover the edges of the opening, which will make it hard to tell the difference between your hair and the wig’s hair and give you a more natural look.

A headband wig is made with a piece of material resembling a headband, look close and you will find just a little tiny lump where the black headband sews on, stretchy soft part, have the sticky Velcro. Headband wigs, inside like the regular cap construction behind the lace, have three combs, one in the right, one in the left, and one in the back to help you fix it.

The Similarities Between V Part Wigs And Headband Wigs

Both glueless wigs have a lot in common. We will list them in the following part.

1. No Any Glue

Both of them as glueless wigs, the first thing they have in common is that they don't have a lace part in the construction of the wig caps, which means that you don't have to use any glue to adhere the lace on your skin anymore. In this way, the symptoms of glue allergy can be well avoided, and the comfort of the wig can also be improved.

2. Beginners Friendly

Since their wig caps don't have lace, you no longer have to worry about your cant handle the lace part very wellActually, it is quite difficult for many beginners to make lace look natural on the skin. However, V part wigs and headband wigs don't need to deal with lace, you just need to put it on and adjust it, and then use the inside small combs to attach it to your head. The whole wearing process, for anyone, is quite simple compared to wearing a lace front wig.

3. Easy To Install And Take Off

There may be many girls who have such distress that after wearing a lace front wig, they have to sleep in a wig due to the cumbersome wearing steps. They often take their wigs off only when the wig needs to be washed.

For a V part wig and a headband wig, because they are easy to wear, you can take it off every night before going to bed and give your scalp plenty of time to breathe and relax without taking too much time in the morning to put on.

The Differences Between V Part Wigs And Headband Wigs

In order to help you have a more comprehensive understanding and make a better choice of these two wigs, we will introduce you to the differences between them in this section.

1. Install Ways

V part wigs: First of all, you need to make all your hair into cornrow braids, and decide how much and whether to leave your natural hair according to your own preference. After completing these steps, insert the clips and adjustable straps inside the wig into the braids of your hair. Then mix your natural hair with v part wigs afterwards to make it look more natural.

Headband wigs: As you need to do for V part wigs, begin by braiding all the hair into cornrow braids. Then put the wig cap connected with the hair bundle on your head, and finally cover the front end of the hair cap with the headband.

2. Price

In fact, both V part wigs and headband wigs are more affordable than lace front wigs. But the price of v part wigs is still higher than headband wigs. So you can decide which one to choose according to your budget.

3. Requirements For Natural Hair

If you have very thin natural hair, headband wigs will suit you better. Because V part wigs require inserting small combs into your cornrow braids. If you have thin hair, it's not enough to support v part wigs.


Both types of wigs are very convenient and versatile, and no matter which one you choose, they have their own advantages. You can decide which one to choose by referring to the similarities and differences between the two types of wigs, combined with your own preferences. In a word, it is up to you!