Headband human hair wigs, also can be called human hair headband wigs, are one of the half wigs that attached with a headband in the front, and usually, the headband is made of elastic trip, and the hair is sewn on a soft wig cap. The special part about these wigs is that they only go on the back of your head while you style your natural hair in the front, so people also call them half wigs. 

As it is one of the new kinds of half wigs, there are some questions that customers are confused about after they used them. Here we have collected them for you in this post. Hope it can help you if you consider trying a headband half wig.

Q1. Are the headband human hair wigs caps open?

A: No. The caps of the headband wigs are mesh caps. It is an upgraded cap that with elasticity like the open cap. Some new customers worry that it is not as good as the open cap. We clarify it that is as good as the open cap, and it is an upgrade cap that is made according to the customers' use feedback, the quality is better than before previous caps. But the price did not rise. So it is more cost-effective and you can rest assured to place orders.       

Q2: Are the size of headband human hair wigs caps right?

A: The upgraded human hair headband wig cap is 22inches-22.25inches. And the strap is elastic and adjustable. You can adjust it to the proper size. Meanwhile, you can also put the wig back of your head a little. But if you are still feeling tight, you can consider changing other types of wigs. For example, change it to a full lace wig cap with a size of 22.5-23.5 inches. Or try to choose other similar products that are suitable for you.

Q3: Does Nadula have the best headband wigs?

 A: For this question, we can not say who is selling the best headband wigs. The only thing we can confirm is that all of our wigs with headbands are made of virgin human hair with no tangle, no shedding. You can style it as you want. It can be permed, colored, bleached like your natural hair. So it is healthy for your scalp. 

Q4: Does the headband human hair wigs suitable for winter?

A: Yes. Our African American headband wigs are special for black women in the USA and Africa. You can wear it in winter and summer. As it is so convenient and easy to install and uninstall. So you can save more time than wearing other extensions and wigs.

Besides, you can change different wigs headbands to matching clothes and makeup. For example, choose a warm-toned headband in winter, and a cool tone in summer.       

Q5: Do You have a headband wig with bangs?

A: Yes, we have. Some customers want to try a headband wig with bangs. There we have afro wigs with headband and bangs for you to choose from. Just click the link to buy it at the best price.

Q6: Will the headband human hair wigs be choppy and uneven?

A: We have received some feedback about choppy and unevenness from our customers. This is not a quality problem. Because the wigs may be squeezed during the long-distance transport. So try to neglect it.

Q7: What shall we pay attention to when wearing the headband human hair wigs?

A: First, make sure your hair is flat underneath.

Whether it’s braids, flat twists, or a slick back bun, make sure your hair is flat so your unit can lay flat as well.

Both mini twists and jumbo flat twists are the best options to wear under wigs because they’re easy to put in, easy to take down, and cause a lot less friction than buns or braids would.

Second, check for the headbands.

Fit it on your head before sliding your wig into place and it should help the wig fit more snugly. Nadula’s headband human hair wigs have clips located at the nape. Apply the wig how you would like it to sit and then attach the clips directly to your hair, or for less tension, to your wig cap.

Third, style your edges beforehand.

Not only will the gel or edge control help the headband stick to your head better, but having your edges styled before you put the wig on helps to complete the look faster.