Wigs can bring us a lot of fun. By wearing wigs, we can immediately increase the length of our hair or temporarily change the color of our hair. In fact, many people who receive a wig for the first time need to do something different with the wig they have just received according to their face shape and preferences. You may even need to trim your wig to get the right look, so, how do you trim a wig? Is there any good way to trim a wig? Read on, here's everything you need to know.

Should you trim a wig?

Should you trim a wig?

Should you trim a wig? My answer is yes, when you receive a wig, it is best to take personalized trimming measures according to your own characteristics. What are the benefits of trimming a wig? Let me break it down for you.

1. Achieve a more natural look

trim a wig

By trimming your wig to more closely match your natural hair, will make your wig blend seamlessly with your natural hair, thus giving you a more realistic look and making people think you are wearing perfect natural hair instead of a wig.

2. Create a more stylish and special hairstyle

Should you trim a wig?

By trimming your wig, you can create a style that perfectly accentuates your face for the most flattering effect. At the same time, you can also cut a variety of fashionable hairstyles according to your own hobbies.

3. Take better care of your wig

Take better care of your wig

Your wig will become damaged with wear and tear. When the ends of your wig start to split, a simple trim can give your wig a new look.

Can you trim a synthetic wig?

Wigs using synthetic hair have outstanding advantages. You can find them in a variety of colors, and they're on a reasonable budget. Synthetic wigs, however, are made from plastic fibers and are the easiest wigs to maintain because they are pre-shaped. Because of this feature, many synthetic wigs can be worn out of the box with minimal styling. But it's not as flexible or easy to handle as human hair, so it needs to be tailored to style so that it looks and feels good when worn. One way to trim a synthetic wig is through a razor cut.

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Can human hair wigs be trimmed like synthetic?

The difference between synthetic and human hair wigs is the fiber. A synthetic wig can hold its style better, even after washing. Human hair wigs are made from real human hair, so they look and feel real. Both human and synthetic hair has advantages and limitations that make them the right choice for different periods. Although the texture of these two wigs is different, we can use the same method to trim them. When you receive a wig, whether it is a human wig or a synthetic wig, you can trim them according to your preference.

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How to cut wig hair in 4 different ways?

There are different ways you can trim your wigs, and I'm going to share 4 common ways to trim your wigs at home.

1. Trim your wig to a fringe that suits you best

Trimming bangs is one of the most common alterations made to wigs. If your wig already has bangs, you may need to trim them to better fit your face shape. You can also easily add bangs to a wig that doesn't have them. I suggest you have your bangs trimmed by a professional hairstylist. However, if you want to trim your own bangs, it's not that hard.

2. Trim the length of your wig

Do you think your wig is too long? Or, if you want a butterfly or Wolf haircut, you need to trim the length of the wig to achieve this.

3. Add layers to your wig

Do you like layered hairstyles? Sometimes, finding a layered wig that meets your needs can be difficult. Layers may be too long or too short or may come with unwanted bangs. Because most wigs can be cut and styled like your own hair, you can buy a straight wig and customize the layers.

4. Trim your wig into a stylish hairstyle

In fact, wigs may come in different colors, lengths, and styles, but there are very few different styles that are fashionable, and these are the ones that you need to cut later to get.


Deciding to wear a wig is an easy way to add variety and fun to your style or cover up issues with thinning and hair loss. When you get a new wig, whether it's a human hair wig or a synthetic one, you can cut the wig off as you wish to make it look more natural. For example, you can cut your wig short, add layers, or create bangs for a different look.