The banana clip from the 1980s is back, and if you also need a heavy cotton coat and sweater during the cold fall and winter months, it is time to make a banana clip for your hair. Read on for tips on how to choose the best banana clip for your hair, and how to create a beautiful and complete hairstyle with your clip. 

best banana clip

What are banana clips?

Banana clips, a hair accessory from the 1980s, have made a comeback in recent years with their appearance at New York Fashion Week. The banana clip is a sunken U-shaped accessory with two plastic sides and elastic teeth in the middle that can be used to pull hair back and secure it at the back of the head. The most popular way to use a banana clip is to pull your hair into a ponytail, which makes it look like hair falls in cascading layers. Not only is this incredibly flattering, but it only takes a few seconds to do. The banana clip hair is worth trying. 

What are banana clips?

How to use a banana clip hair accessory?

The main style of banana clip is used to create a loose ponytail. They're a great way to make your ponytail look thick, full, and even longer. The smaller banana clip can also create a half up half down hairstyle, making the ponytail look thicker. Because of the length of the clip and the spacing of the teeth, your hair is more evenly spaced along the clip, which creates a full appearance that is more difficult to achieve when using regular hair elasticity.

1. Pull all your hair back into a loose ponytail
2. Place the banana clip under the ponytail and close the bottom teeth
3. Twist the clips together and secure them to the top, adjust your hair until you're happy with the look

How to use a banana clip

If you're creating a half up half down hairstyle with a banana clip, use the same method, but only take the top layer of hair and let the bottom down. The banana clip art is a strong study.
This clip works especially well on textures or curls, such as body waves or kinky straight hair, and we've already seen tall banana clip hairstyles that compliment any turtleneck this fall/winter.

Does banana clip looks best on thick hair?

Banana clips can be applied to all hair types, the key is to find the perfect clip for you! For long or thick hair, opt for longer banana clips that can hold more hair, such as large banana clips. Clips with more space between the teeth work best for heavy or curly hair types, allowing more hair to fit into the clip at once. Remember that the large banana clip is for thick hair, and the small banana clip is for thin hair. banana clip looks best on thick hair
Others ask, does the banana clip look best with short hair? The answer is yes. For short or thin hair, it's best to opt for a smaller banana clip, such as the small round banana clip from our iconic French handmade collection. For fine hair, you will need a clip with teeth that are spaced close to each other so that they can hold the hair firmly and prevent it from slipping out throughout the day.
Shorter bob styles may use banana clips to create a half cut, such as mini banana clips, while shoulder-length hair can create a full ponytail.

How do you keep a banana clip from slipping?

The best way to make sure your banana clip still keeps in the same position is to choose a banana clip that best fits the thickness of your hair. As noted above, the thicker your hair, the larger the clips you need and the wider the teeth should be spaced. The thinner your hair, the smaller the pins and the closer the teeth should be. You can also use a hairspray or texture spray, such as dry shampoo, on your hair before adding clips to help keep your pins in place. This will increase grip and help your banana clip stay in place for longer.
If you're having trouble holding your hair together while securing the clip, try tying your hair into a loose ponytail with an elastic band, then securing the banana clip under the elastic band and pulling it back to leave your hair in the clip.


So if you want to head into fall with a fresh haircut without the need to hit the salon, consider these fun banana clips to make something nostalgic and cool again. Are you ready to add a banana clip to your hair accessories rotation? Here are the cutest banana clip-on hairstyles to try.

1. Banana clip ponytail
2. Banana clip curly hairstyle
3. Banana clip half-up ponytail
4. Banana clip bohemian side roll
5. Banana clip braid
6. Banana clip bun
7. Banana clip workout hair