Many girls choose clip-In hair extensions because it allows you to get the color and length you want without damaging your own hair. They're also extremely popular because they are so easy to install, that you can do it yourself without special education necessary.

All you'll need is your clip-in set, a rat-tail comb to part your hair, clips to put your hair up and a brush to blend the extensions with your hair. Small elastic rubber bands are optional for a stronger hold.Here we will introduce how to install clip in hair extension step by step:

Part To Install Clip-in Hair Extensions

Section & Prepare for Install

Start off by using the end of the rat-tail comb to part a 1-inch section of your hair at the nape of your neck. If you have fine or silky hair, try backcombing small sections of your hair where the clips will be placed. You can also create small ponytails with the rubber bands to give the clips a strong base to hold on to. These tips will prevent your clip-ins from sliding out of place.

Open the clips and secure them to the prepared sections of hair. The wefts will be secured once you hear (and feel) them snapping closed. To ensure a seamless blend between your hair and the extensions, be sure to brush the hair after each weft is installed. This allows for a smooth transition from your hair to the extensions that' s virtually undetectable!

Install Smaller Wefts At The Top

Install Those Beautiful Tracks

We recommend using the smaller wefts at the top and sides of the head, the largest wefts at the crown (temple to temple), and the medium-sized wefts at the nape of the neck. This placement will give you length as well as volume. Repeat the tips provided above to secure your wefts in place.

Repeat The Steps To Keep Your Wefts In Place

Blend & Style Your Hair

For the best possible blend, be mindful of your weft placement. Make sure that you place the clip-ins in areas where you have enough hair to fully cover the weft. You don't want any wefts peeking through your hair! After installing the hair, be sure to style the hair as you normally would. Perfect Locks hair is 100% Remy human hair so it can withstand heat and be styled as desired for an outstanding look.

Clip-ins are a simple solution to upgrading your hair. With these easy steps, you'll be a clip-in pro in no time!

Tips To Make Your Hair Extensions Last Longer

After wearing the hair extensions for months they might start to look dull and worn out. This usually happens because of wear and tear of the extensions. Whether your client is wearing beads, tape or bond, it is time for a move-up. Following are some of the ways to revive your extensions as well as your natural hair before re-installing hair extensions. It is recommended to give a gap of 24 hours between the removal and the move-up if possible.

Deep Conditioning

After taking out the hair extensions, wash them with a sulfate free shampoo. Use a deep conditioning mask or conditioner. Some of the best conditioners leave the hair soft minimizing the appearance of split-ends. Look for such conditioners in the market. You could use such conditioners and leave them overnight on both the hair extensions as well as your natural hair for deep conditioning. You could make a super moisturizing conditioner by adding argan oil to your conditioner and mixing them with your palms before applying the same.


If You have installed tape-in hair extension, you need to make sure to remove the tape residue completely with it. To ensure it is done, clarify the lining where the tape was placed on the hair extension. This might need a few repetitions till the residue is completely removed. Do not use alcohol-based removers as they tend to affect the way the wefts adhere to the natural hair. Most stylists/clients do not remove the old tape completely and hence there is slippage of the wefts within a few days of a touch-up. Deep condition or oil and rinse thoroughly both the hair extensions and your natural hair. If you fail to do so the wefts will begin to slip no matter what method you are installing.


After clarifying and deep conditioning your hair extensions, run the extension brush on the hair extensions and lay them flat for air drying. This will avoid matting and tangling of the extensions. Tie an elastic band over the extensions neatly and place them in a plastic bag to protect them, once they are dried. This will help you during your next appointment with your stylist as there would be no need to separate the strands.

These hair tips also suitable for other kinds of hair extensions, like U-tip hair extension or I-tip hair extension.If you want to shop for good quality real human hair extension, you must compare more vendors and choose a reliable supplier.

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