Everyone wants to make hair extension look more natural when they buy it, now you do not need to ask help for a hair stylist or go to a barber shop, just do it at home.

First, you will face two choices: human hair or synthetic hair when you buy the hair extensions.Synthetic hair is made from fiber and can not be styled with any electric heaters(like curling iron ), it will be not used for a long time compared with human hair.but it's economical.Human hair is expensive and quality is better.Nadula shop's products are all 100% virgin human hair and can be dyed according to your own hair, can also be styled with curly ironed and hair dryer as omnipotent hair in the market.So we will focus on human hair now.

1.The color of hair extension is more necessary to spend more time on choosing the right color to match your own hair.You'd better buy it in the daytime to avoid color cast under artificial light at night.If you buy it online, you must make sure to communicate with the seller deeply by sending pictures, videos etc.

2.The color of clip, thread and glue should be closer with the hair weave you bought.You will buy a variety of color clips -- red, gold, brown, black, and so on, that means you can buy a matching clip whatever you want to.A black clip on a blonde wig would be obvious, and vice versa.You can buy different colors of glue, so you can't see the color of the dry glue when wearing it on your head. For example, you can use white glue on blond hair but the darker color on black or brown hair.You also need to use the thread with a similar color when you sew a clip together with the human hair weaves.

3.Make the same style with the hair extension and your own hair so that they can be fused with each other in this way.Nothing is more conspicuous than wearing a straight hair extension on curly hair, and vice versa.

4.Blend the hair extension with your real hair is easy.You can comb gently by using a wide tooth comb or brush, blend your original hair and hair extension together so that it will not look so obvious.

5.You should protect your hair extension carefully.It need be cleaned and tended regularly. You'd better comb it gently to make it more smooth before washing it.Iron or Steel comb is necessary to use but not plastic comb in order to avoid tearing off the hairline(especially the curly human hair).Comb the tail first and then down from the top to tail, this can clear the dirt and make the hair clean.Do not strain to prevent breaking it when the hair is tangled, you can spray some special hair liquid first and then comb it. You can check the right methods on this blog: How to prolong the life of human hair with right treatments?

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