Many girls like wearing human hair because it makes us more beautiful and fashionable. But it will lose luster and short life when cared for with incorrect methods. In fact, it will be used for a longer time and help you save money if you master the correct methods, and these methods apply to all the textures of human hair, like Brazilian body wave hair weave, Peruvian straight hair weave, hair extension, lace closureetc.

As your personal hair extension guardian angels, we’re here to guide you through our favorite hair care tips at home, promised to keep you slaying, even when you’re stuck at home!

Top 7 Extension Hair Care Tips At Home

1. Before washing

You'd better comb it gently to make it more smooth before washing it. Iron or Steel comb is necessary to use but not plastic comb in order to avoid tearing off the hairline(especially the curly human hair). Comb the tail first and then down from the top to the tail, this can clear the dirt and make the hair clean.

2. Soaking

Warm water is better than cold water. Soaking in the warm water(temperature is 20-25℃ )or cold water for about 5 minutes is easier to clean.

3. Washing

When talking about the shampoo and conditioner that you use to wash your hair, we would always strongly recommend investing in the products that your hair extension technician recommends. Each hair extension type, whether you opt for micro rings that use small, silicone-lined copper rings or pre-taped wefts, comes alongside different requirements to ensure that the bonds remain secure.

They also need to include the right ingredients to not only keep your extensions in good condition but also allow your natural hair to continue growing healthily. This means avoiding products that contain ingredients such as sulfates and alcohol, which are known for stripping your hair of its natural oils and in turn, making your extensions more likely to get matted. 

Once you are stocked up with the right products, you’ll then be free to wash your hair without having to worry about how the shampoo and conditioner may react against your extensions. We’d recommend, if possible, washing your hair in the shower, allowing the water to flow down your hair. While it may be easier to flip your hair over the bath to clean quickly, this does make the extensions more prone to tangling, meaning that you’ll have to spend ages afterward brushing out knots. 

4. Drying

You probably don't know our hair is at its weakest when it is wet, which means that the tossing and turning while you sleep can take its toll on both your natural locks and extensions. It also means that when you wake up in the morning, you’ll have a serious bedhead that forces you to spend what feels like an eternity detangling. So, making the hair extension try is necessary.

Imbibe water gently with one or two dry towels then place it indoors to dry it in the air naturally, and avoid the sun's high-temperature exposure to damaging it. Remember not to dry with a hairdryer.

5. Combing

 Just like when you brush your natural hair a little too harshly, and you see strands begin to fall out, your extensions will start to become loose if you fail to take care. It is inevitable that your extensions will experience some tangling, but it’s how you tackle it that counts. 

Please do not comb it immediately after cleaning them, but comb it when it is dry totally to avoid damaging it. It's not necessary to comb the wavy human hair, like body wave, natural wave, deep wave, or curly human hair.

6. Tending and protecting

Do not strain to prevent breaking it when the hair is tangled, you can spray some special hair liquid first and then comb it.

7. Preserving

You'd better keep your lovely hair in a box or breathable plastic bag, you can also wear it on a mannequin head to keep the style if it will be not used for a long time.


Nothing beats seeing your new locks for the first time after having extensions fitted, but without care, they most definitely will not last as long as you’d hoped. By adding the above steps to your routine, as well as scheduling regular maintenance appointments, your hair will stay flawless for months to come.

I'm sure that you will make your human hair more beautiful and use it for a long time if you take care of it with this method. Good luck baby!!!