Whether you're beautiful or ugly, hairstyles play a vital role in the overall image of a person. That is the reason why people are always changing their hairstyles, color, or length of hair. For some people, they choose to change the hairstyle by wearing wigs or sew in hair extensions. Sew In hairstyles and wigs have been around for a long time. But many women can not decide on which of the two is better for natural hair. Deciding between the two popular styles is hard, but we are here to make it a little easier for you!

13x4 lace front blonde highlight wi

Sew In Weave

When human hair extensions first started gaining popularity, sew in hair weaves were the go-to method of installation. What are sew in styles? Just as its name implies, The hair is braided into corn-rows and the sew in extensions are sewn onto the cornrows. At first, we would have to wear our natural hair out for the parting, and later came the sew-in with closure or frontals. Sew-ins are a great protective style for your natural hair and can be a nice change from your everyday hairstyles. Let’s look at the advantages of sew-ins :

Advantages of Sew In Hair Weave

1. Good Stability

If you are planning a long weekend road trip, or a vacation, sew in styles will be a good choice. It can be sewed in your natural hair tightly and you do not need to worry about falling down. You can take a quick hop in the pool and not worry about your wig floating away from you. 

2. Very Convenient

No one likes wasting their time. Yes, when you have a sew-in bob or lace frontal sew in, you can wake up and go, who wouldn't love that feeling? No more waking up early to brush out or gel up your curls, having to search for that hairpiece when you are ready to dip on out of the house. Even without a comb, just grab your bob sew-in weave within seconds and you will get a good look. No matter what kind of them, curly sew in, deep wave sew in, body wave sew in, they are all so convenient. Right? 

3. Help Hair Growth

Do sew-ins grow your hair? The answer is yes. The fact is that sew in weave styles will help your hair grow longer. The reason is that you are natural tresses are in cornrows or braids. your twists underneath the sew-in can breathe since there are spaces and gaps between the hair, it is still straightforward to wash and treat your scalp while wearing sew in weaves and that contributes to the reason why you will experience tremendous growth.

4. Save Money

If you take the time to invest in good quality sew-ins, for example, Brazilian hair sew in, you could have them that last up to 1or 2 years making it more convenient and cost-effective to have a sew-in. Real virgin hair is the same as our natural hair, it can be used for a longer time than other textures. And try to find a reliable virgin hair company that has specialized technology to make sure no tangle and no shedding during use. Cheap sew in hair is not recommended if you want to best human hair for sew in weave.

body wave bundles with closure

That is all for natural sew in hair weave. Now, let’s get into wigs:


Wigs have been around for a while, however, human hair wigs in the African hair communities became popular after sew-ins. 

What is a wig? A wig is a head covering that’s typically made from either human hair or animal hair, although some wigs are made with synthetic fibers. You can click here to learn more about wigs from Wikipedia.    

Now let’s share what are the advantages of wigs:

Advantages of Wigs

1. Limitless styles

 Change your hair in an instant, without making a permanent commitment. You can choose a wig that enhances your natural hair or make a statement with a bold, new look. Either way, you have total control over your style, head to toe. Compared with sew-ins, wigs are easier on installing and uninstalling.

2. Convenient. 

Like, sew in weave, wigs are also very convenient. You do not spend time on blow-drying, straightening, curling, treating, coloring, styling, and maintaining your hair. Wigs can add up to more than you realize. Wearing a wig can (almost literally) give you more hours in the day that can otherwise be used for… whatever you want! 

3. Protection natural hair.

Wearing a wig can protect the health of your natural hair, as there is no need to continue damaging it every day with harmful styling products and heat treatments. Besides, all of the closure weaves sew in, side part sew in, middle part sew in and wigs can also protect your budget since you won’t need as many salon appointments.

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4. Various Styles And Funny 

Wearing a wig, in general, is a fun way to spruce up your style. If you enjoy Halloween, costume parties, masquerade balls, cosplay events, or just like playing “dress-up,” wigs offer boundless opportunities to truly define your character. For this point, sew in weave braid pattern also be achieved. The only thing is that you need to prepare in advance if you choose sew-ins as it will cost more time to install. 


As we have introduced sew in styles for natural hair and wigs in detail, do you have ideas on which one you will choose? This will reply to you. Just contact our service workers to get more advice if you can not sure which one is suitable for you. And you can also click on the related topics below you are interested in.