Some first users of the human hair wig or synthetic wig always want their wigs to look best. So you will ask how to wash a wig at home? Is it the same way to wash a lace front wig or a cosplay wig? So, to help you with your at-home wig care routine, we’ve outlined all the do’s and don’s to make sure your wig looks its finest. From explaining how to wash your wig at home to revealing how to dry it, we’ve got you covered.

Because human hair wig is the leading product on the market. Here we will introduce how to wash a human hair wig first.

How To Wash A Human Hair Wig At Home?

Simple tips on how to wash your human hair wigs:

1. Warm water is recommended.

how to wash wig

People are confused about cold water or warm water used to wash wigs. Warm water is recommended, as too high a temperature may deform the human hair wig and make your wig lose the firmness of elasticity and cold water cannot melt the shampoo and conditioner well. Compare to cold water, warm water is better for human hair wigs.

2. Always use shampoo and conditioner.

 Use mild shampoo and conditioner. Choosing the right shampoo for a wig is important. We advise choosing the special wig shampoo. While applying shampoo, don’t apply it directly to your hair wig, add the appropriate amount of shampoo the warm water. And apply hair conditioner on the mid-lengths to the ends, and avoid placing it too close to the roots.

3. Never twist, tug, or pull on the hair wig when drying.

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This will damage it and shorten the service life of wigs.

4. Remember to use the cool air set instead of the hot air.

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Or you can air it on the balcony, but avoid the sun direct shining on your hair wig.

Proper care will make your human hair wig look more natural and increase the service life.

As we know, there are many types of Nadula hair wigs, like lace front wigs, full lace wigs, and other types. And lace front wigs are more and more popular now. Some users will ask how to wash a lace front wig. It is basically the same as washing the other wigs. But we will retell it now.

How to wash a lace front wig?

1. Prepare for the washing

The first thing you will need to do is remove as much of the glue residue on the cap as you can from the frontal lace wig. Spray the citrus remover onto the glue and then rub the cap on a mirror so as cause friction between the mirror and the residue. Repeat as many times until the lace is clean.

I recommend using a detangling shampoo with room-temperature water. Mix the shampoo and warm water in a basin. As we have talked about before, too hot or too cold of water will ruin your lace cap. Dip the wig in and out of the basin while using your fingers to detangle it. Once the wig is clean, towel dry by gently squeezing.

2. The next step is conditioning

After towel drying the hair, apply silicon mix conditioner on the hair evenly. Avoid using too much conditioner. Wait for about 5 minutes for the hair to absorb the conditioner. Then completely rinse it out with warm water. Make sure the conditioner is rinsed thoroughly from the unit because buildup at the knots can keep the knots from moving freely and the hair will start shedding. Again, very gently towel dry. You will want to place your wig on a wig headstand and start at the bottom of the hair, comb through, remove any tangles, working your way up the hair to the lace cap. Avoid extreme tugging as that will result in a loss of hair. Only use a non-static wide-toothed comb. Then let the full lace front wig dry thoroughly. Do not blow-dry the hair.

3. Full lace front wig

After the lace front wig is dry, seal your knots by turning the lace cap inside out and lightly spraying a knot sealer, and letting it dry. Also, use a fray block around the entire circumference of the lace cap. Simply put a little fray block on a q-tip to apply, for the easiest method, and allow that to dry completely. Then you are ready to go!


Developing a good maintenance routine for your human hair wigs is critical. Washing, conditioning and generally taking care of your hair wig in a way that is specific to your lifestyle can help keep it looking gorgeous and fresh for a long time.


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