Hats are very common and important fashion items in our daily life, and they have many other usages. Not only are they optimal solar shading in summer, but provide warmth in the winter, and help us complete a more perfect look. 

Many girls are confused about whether they can wear a wig with a hat or not. Absolutely! Maybe many of you think wearing hats and wigs together can be daunting. However, wearing a wig doesnt mean you cant look fabulous in a hat, too! Today, we will give the specific tip about how to wear wigs with hats.

How To Wear Wigs With Hats?

Wearing a wig under a hat is not as easy you think, the following are the steps about how to wear wigs with hats.


1. Choose A Proper Hat

The first step is to choose a hat type that is the most suitable for you and your wig. You can of course choose the style and color according to your liking. But the material and weight of the hats must be your main considerations. Because any hat that is heavy or too small will make your head feel stuffy, uncomfortable, and heavy, which is never what you want. You can choose a hat that is a little oversized as it gives you extra room for the hat to be comfortably placed on top of your wig.

2. Secure Your Wig

When wearing a hat and a wig, you should wear a wig cap or not? Definitely a wig cap! The wig cap will help ensure that your wig is securely attached and won’t move or slip around when wearing a hat. If a wig cap isn’t for you, wig straps also have the same effect, which can secure the wig on your scalp.

3. Brush Your Wig

Use a hairbrush to comb and detangle the hair to keep them from looking frizzy or messy. You can also give your wig a style that you like, whether a curly, wavy, or straight hairstyle, which can be decided according to your own preferences. A good hairstyle will add much charm to your overall look. In short, before putting on the hat, it is very important to organize your hairstyle.

4. Gently Place Your Hat  

Wearing a hat with a wig is easy when you put it on lightly. If you're not wearing a wig, you can feel free to quickly put on a hat when it's cold outside or you're in a hurry. But when a nice wig is on, and you consider adding a hat to your wig, put it gently on top of it. Be sure not to tug harshly down on the hat; you will never want to break the beautiful look of your lovely wig!

About how to wear a hat over a wig, you can try different angles. For example, you can wear a hat pulled further down and close to your ears for warmth. Alternatively, try wearing the hat at an upwards angle towards the back of your head to show the front of your wig. You can decide the angles according to your own requirements.

5. Take Off Your Hat

If you are out in public and need to adjust the hats position or take off your hat, going to a private space to take off your hat will be the best choice, such as a bathroom with a mirror. When trying to take off the cap, hold the front of the wig with one hand to avoid it moving, and use the other hand to gently take off the cap.

Some Tips For Wearing Hats With Wigs

Besides the basic steps to wear a hat over a wig, there are also some tips for you to get a perfect look with hats and wigs.


1. Wear Conditioning Spray

Conditioning spray is for wig-and-hat looks. Especially winter is when everything is at its driest, including the air, our skin, and definitely our wig hair. Apply conditioning spray to your wig after you wash your wig to keep your wig from being dry and frizzy.\

2. Bring A Comb With You

When we go out, there are inevitable unexpected things sometimes. When we have to take off the hat, we are faced with a situation where the wig under the hat becomes messy and tangled. Therefore, be sure to keep a brush or a comb with you to remove any hat hair, tangles, or knots so that you can keep your beautiful hairstyle at all times.

3. Use Hairpins To Secure Your Hat

Are you worried about the sudden strong wind blowing off your hat in winter, or your hat will slip off? For extra peace of mind, you can use hairpins to secure the hat tightly into place.


Whether you wear a wig or not, a hat is a great accessory to keep you warm in colder months. If there are some tips for wigs to wear under hats we missed, welcome to share with us in the comment section.