The annual International Women's Day is approaching. This is a day especially celebrated for women. The establishment of this festival has great meaning. It is a symbol of freedom and equality. It is respect, recognition, and praise for women. The celebration and admiration of the contributions and achievements of women in the economic, political, and social fields. Nadulahair wishes all women a happy International Women's Day!

1. International Women's Day: I Am a Woman, I Am Proud!

To celebrate the holiday, Nadula is bringing you an International Women's Day Carnival. On this day, Nadulahair launched a campaign themed on Women's Day: "I am proud to be a woman." Nadulahair will help women unleash their femininity on this day. People around you will be sincerely proud of you, happy for you, and cheer for you. Your achievements, contributions, and value deserve to be celebrated.

Your unique beauty deserves to be seen by more people! Many more people will be proud of you. Why not share your joy and beauty on Women's Day? Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, and more will witness your unique charm. Share your words or pictures of being bold, confident, and being yourself to participate in the Nadula International Women's Day event, and you will also have a chance to win a free Nadula's wig, this is also one of the big surprises.

Be bold, Be confident, Be you is Nadula's service tenet, and I believe it is also your appearance. Come and participate and record your Queen's Day appearance, I believe you will receive many compliments.

2. Nadula's Newly Upgraded Women's Day $189 Limited Gift Box

Big Surprise 2: Nadula will launch a new and upgraded limited gift box for Women’s Day, which includes a selection of 6 super beautiful wigs and 6 sets of exquisite gifts, only $189, super value discounts, many surprises, you can match and buy as you like.

Nadula Limited Gift Box

This selection of six wigs comes in a variety of styles and colors, so you can take the pick of your liking. These six are all very popular wig styles with high sales. These include kinky straight human hair wigs, glamorous burgundy 99J colored curly wigs, easy-to-install kinky curly V Part human hair wigs, reddish brown wigs with a spring-summer vibe, and sun-kissed shine, super elegant body wave human hair wigs, and very beautiful and outstanding multi-color highlight loose wave wigs. At the same time, you can get a limited gift box. There are six exquisite gifts that you can choose and match at will. Among the gifts are a silk nightgown robe and silk headband; air cushion comb with interesting decoration and electric straightening comb; fashion necklace, crystal hairband, and silk headband; trendy T-shirt, reusable shopping bags, and fashion cap; beautiful necklace and earrings with special design, I believe they will make your heart move, not only because of their super value prices, but also exquisite gifts and beautiful wigs.

women's day

3. Be a Color Player And Win a $1000 Bonus

Big surprise three: Be a color player and win a $1000 bonus.

Our eyes are very sensitive to color. Unique colors instantly grab attention, and hair color can make you look standout and interesting. If you like colorful colors, you can trust nadula hair, because we have been constantly developing and innovating a series that is: to be a color player.

If you are interested in colored hair and want to become a color player, you are welcome to join us and play with color with us. On International Women's Day, Nadula's brand new hair color wigs will be released, record the unboxing and installed styling video after your purchase, then post the video to Tik Tok and @nadulahair. You'll have a chance to win a $1000 prize. Not only can you have a beautiful appearance and amazing hair color, but you can also have the opportunity to win bonuses, so come and participate.


In this special festival, give yourself a special Queen's Day gift to make yourself more shining on this day, because you are beautiful, excellent, and worthy of being loved. Buy a favorite wig, go on a date with your sisters or friends with a gorgeous look, toast your joy together, and record this proud day worth celebrating and you who are proud of you.