Every girl likes to wear colored hair. They will dye their hair in the salon or at home by themselves. However, your hair color is an investment. Once you’ve spent all of that time and money achieving the hue of your dreams, you’re going to want to do your best to make your hair last—and that means avoiding certain aftercare no-nos.

One of the most common hair color questions circulating the internet is: what should know about washing hair after coloring. I think that not many people know there's a hair-washing rule after coloring.

You need to pay extra attention to your color-treated hair if you want the dye to last longer. How you wash it and what products you use are the most important factors. In this article, we will share with you the important things we need to know about washing hair after dying.

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Should You Wash Your Hair Before Coloring?

The natural oils present in your hair often protect your scalp during the dyeing process. Hence, avoid washing your hair before coloring it, especially if the dyeing process involves bleaching your hair. It is also good to follow the instructions given on the particular dye you are using.

How Long Should You Wait To Wash Your Hair After Coloring It?

Wait For Three Days Before Washing

wash colored hair

The most common dilemma you may have had after dyeing your hair is, how long till the next hair wash? While dying, the hair’s cuticle layer is opened, allowing easy penetration of color into the shaft.

Washing your hair too soon may lead to your color getting washed down the drain as the cuticle layer may still be open. It takes approximately two-three days for the cuticle layer to go back to its original form. Therefore, it is advised to wait for 72 hours before shampooing your tresses after coloring.

This 72 hours window will give the hair dye to set properly in your hair. Since washing off the hair dye is part of the dyeing process, you will not have to worry about your hair getting dirty.

What Products Are The Best To Use On Colored Hair?

Use a Sulphate Free Shampoo and Conditioner

use the sulphate free shampoo

After dyeing your hair, you should stop using your regular hair products. Colored hair needs products that are formulated specifically for it. This is because, during the dyeing process, your hair cuticle gets damaged due to the chemicals. Color-safe products are formulated with ingredients that repair the surface of the hair while preventing the hair color from losing its vibrancy.

Sodium Laureth Sulfate or SLS is a common ingredient found in shampoos. It is a cleansing agent and makes your product lather. However, this ingredient can strip off natural oils from your hair along with your hair color, which you spent hours and money on at the salon. Using a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner can prevent your color from fading.

Somethings You Should Never Do After Coloring Your Hair

  • Stay Away From The Sun

avoid the sun

The UV rays of the sun strip away the color from your hair. Hence, you should avoid staying in direct sunlight for a long time. In addition to that, using a hair sunscreen that is specifically formulated for your hair is also helpful in lessening the damage caused by the sun. You can also wear a hat to stay safe from the sun.

  • Avoid Swimming

avoid swimming

Lazing in the pool on a sunny day while sipping pina Coladas may sound great, but swimming is a big no-no, noting that both salt water and chlorine will strip or alter your color. Chlorine is your hair’s worst enemy, especially when it's color-treated.

Light shades may develop a greenish tint, like the blonde wig, while darker shades may lose their shine and appear dull. Avoid chlorinated water as much as possible, or wear a swimmer’s cap before diving into the pool. Our colored hair should be far away, stay away from chlorine.

  • Avoid Chemicals

avoid chemicals

Since your hair goes is exposed to chemicals while dyeing it, it is best to avoid exposing your hair to more chemicals. Using alcohol-based hairsprays or blow-drying your hair can make your hair color fade quickly.

  • Avoid Hot Showers

avoid hot showers

Hot water opens up the hair cuticle possibly making more color leach out. In contrast, cold water tends to ‘seal’ the cuticle. Be aware that the more time you rinse colored hair under hot water, the more it can lose its vibrancy.

Therefore, giving the hair a quick blast of cold water or placing a shower cap over your hair after it’s been washed are two much easier (and less chilly) ways to protect colored hair. It can help seal in the moisture from your conditioner and prevent color from fading.

  • Wash Hair Less Often

wash hair less often

Washing your hair every day is something you want to avoid if wanting your hair color to last longer, especially if you have a vibrant color. Not only are you washing away the natural oils that moisturize and keep your hair color looking fresh, but you also wash away a little bit of your hair dye every time you wash your hair.

Try washing your hair every other day or even 2-3 washes per week to keep your color on lock. You shouldn’t wash more than that unless you’re working out a lot.

If you find your color is fading fast, but your hair is oily/greasy and you need to wash often, mix your shampoo with your conditioner. It’ll make the shampoo “less abrasive”, keeping your color longer. It also will refresh and revive your colored hair and make it look voluminous.

  • Avoid Heat Styling Products

avoid heat styling products

Colored hair is sensitive to heat. Overuse of heat styling tools like a straightener or curling on colored hair can fry it. Hence, avoid using heat styling products regularly. If you absolutely must use them, apply a heat protectant spray to keep your hair safe.

  • Not Protecting and Hydrating Dyed Hair

Color-treated hair can get dry and brittle, especially in the summer months. Apply a deeper conditioning mask or hydrating oil treatment (coconut, avocado, or grapeseed) on processed hair to restore and keep hair strong. Leave it on for 30 minutes or overnight for the best results to maintain the quality of your hair.

  • Forgetting The Glossy Factors

Your hair may be a gorgeous new color, but has it lost its shine? Your hair's protein layers (cuticles) reflect light and cause it to shine, but dye dulls this luster. To get your colored hair shine back, use a serum, shine spray, at-home glaze, or overnight hair repair treatment. And again, cut back on the heat tools.


With these simple tips, your hair color will go the distance. Getting into the groove of a new cleanse and condition routine may initially take a beat—especially if you’re used to doing the opposite of all of these rules. We know it may seem like a lot at first, but with anything, practice makes perfect.

We hope the ideas in this article will assist you in maintaining your colored hair and keep it vivid, fresh, and lustrous! If you have other suggestions and submit your comment to discuss with us for free. Happy washing!

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