Indian curly hair can give you that fresh look and versatility you've always dreamed of at a value that can't be beaten. It comes in tight ringlets for a natural afro-inspired style. We recommend opting for curly Indian remy hair if you are looking for minimal maintenance outside of your co-wash routine.

nadula jerry curl wig with headband

Check out the Top 13 Curly Hair Tips For Beginners below:

Step 1: Keep Aside All Heat Tools

That means no more blowing hot air on your hair to dry them. No straightening your hair, even if it is just the bangs. I'm not saying use it again, but it's especially important to avoid in the beginning.

Step 2: Do The Last Cleanse With A silicone Free Shampoo That Has Sulfates

This will remove the past buildup of harmful products from your 100% Indian hair like serums (yes they are bad for curls), conditioners with silicones, etc. A budget-friendly option is Pantene Lively Clean Shampoo.

Step 3: Co-wash

Gym every day & don't want to shampoo each time? Use a conditioning cleanser like the As I Am Coconut cleansing conditioner or a pocket-friendly one like Enliven conditioner. Basically, you use a conditioner to clean your scalp with your fingers.

Step 4: Get A Slippery, Moisturizing Conditioner

This is the most important step. Once you have finished shampooing, gently divide your hair into sections. Take generous amounts of conditioner & apply it from the top to the bottom of your hair. Please note that you don't apply this directly to your scalp.

nadula 5x5 hd swiss lace front wig

Step5: Finger Detangle

Use your fingers to remove the knots, always starting from the bottom and going up. If your conditioner is creamy and has good slip, this step will happen faster. Take care not to yank or pull your hair hard as your hair is weak in this state.

Step 6: Use A Wide-toothed Comb

A wide-toothed comb will remove all the knots in your hair more gently than a narrow one. Again remember, from the bottom going up. You will already notice that your curls are more defined.

Step 7: Leave The Conditioner In

Leave it in for 5 minutes or so while you finish the rest of the shower & then rinse it out. Some girls rinse out only 80% of the conditioner as it helps keep the hair moisture and untangled.

Step 8: Take A T-shirt Or Microfiber Towel & Scrunch Up Your Curly Indian Remy Hair Weave

This helps your curls to clump together faster. Refer to this video to see how I do it.

Step9: Plop Your Hair

I love this step because not only does it encourage bouncier curls, but it also keeps your curly Indian weave hair safely tucked away when you finish wearing your clothes & putting on your makeup!

Step 10: Air Dry /Diffuse

You can simply let your curls air dry & don't touch them while drying or they will get frizzy. You can also buy a diffuser attachment (what I do) and use the cold setting to dry your curls.

nadula funmi curl wig

 Step 11: Deep condition Once A Week

You can also make your own deep conditioner at home.

Step 12: Protect Your Curls At Night

Don't let your curly Indian hair weave get too tangled & mussed up when tossing & turn at night. Use either a satin cap or buy satin pillowcases.

Step 13: Refreshing Your Curls Every Morning

Make your curls last longer by simply reviving them with a DIY mix of water, conditioner, and oil.

These are all the care tips for your curly Indian Remy human hair bundles or closures or curly human hair wigs. You will use your Indian Remy hair for a longer time with these care tips.

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