Nadula has been working since 2001, and from that time, it has maintained its trust and quality among its clients. However, currently, scamming is very common, making it difficult for users to build trust with any company. If you are also confused about building trust with Nadula and its authenticity, read this article to clear your mind. This article will help you to know about the Nadula services that make it fully authentic and legit for public use!

Five Things That Make Sure the Company Is Legit

There are many hair brands in the market, where more than half are scams. To be aware of these scams, you should be aware of legal company traits. Let's go through these quickly, one by one.

1. Registered company documents

Whenever you are going to buy hair products, ask for their official documents or the organization which approved or licensed them. Nadula authenticity is evident here because it takes its customers in complete confidence by providing every possible information via online platforms. Nadula is a Hong Kong-based company that is now operating in many countries worldwide.

2. Always willing to do video call

Scammers hesitate to show their identity over any media platform so, as not to leave any clue who they exactly are. In comparison, legal companies always step forward to showcase their products and themselves. Nadula even has the option to be contacted on WhatsApp, which is very common for everyone. So it has been clear that they have made things easier to take the client in trust.

3. Exchange and return policy

Nadula has a policy of exchange and returns within 30 days of buying the product. Sometimes it happens that the user does not feel comfortable or matched with the wig in the scenario, Nadula provides relief as a customer can change or return the product within the time of 30 days. Why Nadula do this because they have full trust in their quality and products. Scammers provide low-quality products, which is why an exchange and return policy is not added to their policy.

4. Have knowledge of hair

Scammers do not worry about what product he is seeking in the market because all he concern about is how to make money and scam the customer. They mostly advertise the product with general specifications that people already know. Nadula care team provides the clients with each and every specification even if you visit the website, it is full of helping blogs that will answer all your queries about the specific product mentioned.

5. Do not rush for money

Scammers always try to grab money from the client, while legalized companies try to satisfy the customer and then talk about money. Most of the products take cash on delivery where possible. Nadula is never concerned with money and provides an ease to its customers. Even it has the cheapest price in the market than its competitors.

How to avoid fraud Hair Companies?

By reading the above red flags you are now 80% aware of the fraud in hair companies. Rest 20% can be tackled by reading the reviews carefully. Take your time and carefully inspect the website each and everything. Check the price tags and descriptions in detail. Make a list of questions side by side, what comes to your mind or you want to ask to care team.

What Makes Nadula an Authentic/Legit Hair-Buying Brand?

1. Wide range of clients from all around the world

Nadula is operating in almost all major countries of every continent. It has built its trust through the quality of its products and understanding the client's needs. It has its main headquarter in the United States, California. In the last few months, its global ranking has increased from 91,302 to 91,078 as more buyers are attracted to its products and quality.

2. Reviews say it all

Nadula always gets 5-star ratings whenever a client receives any parcel, and the credit goes to Nadula Care and the contact team that instantly replies within seconds and takes full responsibility for any problem. Reviews on the website clearly depict how much customers are satisfied with the company's service.


Confirmation of authenticity is a big problem while placing an order online. So, it's important to do basic research before going for any company. Always check the hair wig product descriptions, policies, and reviews of other customers. Try to investigate the legal documents and the exact location of the provider. Make video calls to make it clearer. All these can be really helpful to avoid scams and buy the best hair wig for yourself.