This wig comes from the nadula hair. I'm going to first tip my lace because it is a little ashy. This is going to be more of a styling video, you have seen me do this color numerous times, so we will talk about the pros and cons.

Let's see how this wig is sitting down with my wig grip. I do want to leave the straps on the wig, but if I start to feel a little pressure around my temples, I can take off those straps in the back, I did wash this hair because it did come with a chemical smell.

Kie Rashon Wig Installs

Pros and cons of nadula honey blonde curly wig

I need to make sure my ear tabs are sitting where I need them to sit because I want to make sure my styling is going to come out right, it does sit a little weird on my hairline, though like the lace is cut back behind the ears, it doesn't really give you like the shape around your ear, so you will definitely need to use your own judgment to cut out your ear tabs, put my glasses back on.Kie Rashon Wig Installs
Now I'm hoping my hairline will blend out once I do my little mousse situation. I'm going to use my mousse around the hairline, even though the hairline looks a little blocky. Let me just cut off that excess that's kind of rolling back. Kie Rashon Wig Installs
This is definitely a different lace, it almost looks gray. I'm going to spray mine down right here in the front, I want to make sure my weed is not going to be pushed back to Oblivion hold up, this extra lace has to go with any products. I wish I had a thinner band, I wish it were a little bit taller. Try to put the band down here. All right, the lace is back, here is a 13 by 4. I'm going to use my Nairobi mousse all over the hair. I want to have the curls look a little fluffy.

Kie Rashon Wig Installs

How to install nadula honey blonde curly wig? 

I'm getting some shedding with this wig and some tangling towards the ends. I'm making a mess brush it down, you all know my sweet spot for curly wigs is normally 18 to 20 inches, so this longer length is something different for me, missed some spots hold up. I hope that's my package. How to install nadula honey blonde curly wig?
The diffusion for this hair took no time at all. I mainly blow-dried it with the diffuser off because I wanted a more lengthened look. I didn't want it to shrink up too much, the curls are a lot looser, and they're not as clumped together, y'all know I normally like to clump my curls together with my finger, but I wanted to keep it in a more natural state for this look, this color job is amazing, and let's see how this lace is sitting, because you all saw it was a little wonky. How to install nadula honey blonde curly wig?
It's still gray but it looks a little better, so I want to use contour dang it. I left too much lace on there, but I'm gonna go ahead and just cover it up with my contour all around the hairline. And then I bring some little squishes down as well because I want a more swishy type of hairline. The parking space is really tight, but I'm still going to work it for what, it is bring that up in the front, that is really dark like that's way, too dark on me.How to install nadula honey blonde curly wig?
I'm going to use a makeup wipe to see. I can wipe some of that off some of it's coming off. I don't know what kind of lace, that is normally, that lace is not like that. I don't know what I'm doing right now, maybe I want a side part considering. I got the parting space. How to install nadula honey blonde curly wig?
I would definitely suggest you do what I'm about to do and cut off any excess lace that you don't need for this one because it's just so dark. See how it took that right off. You can't leave any type of excess lace on this one, because it would definitely create a shadow around your head as I have over here, you all see that bring it around. I'm just not feeling it all down, let me scoot down a little bit, so I'm just going to pin it up, if you don't like to pin up you already saw it all down, so do what you want to do with your wig. How to install nadula honey blonde curly wig?
Let's just make a messy ponytail. I'm going to wrap that around twist it down, bring it up, this way, and tuck it in bring this one up and tuck it in pull it through pull it through hold on put my glass on. I hope my front looks good. Let me put some mousse on here, so if you ever run into a jam where you're just not feeling the wig do something else, make sure my front is how I want it to be, so this was unplanned.


I like it up more. I'm just saying, let me show you the back real quick pull that down, so you don't see my kitchen. I like it up more and put on my jewelry to finish out my look here. I think that's it with this particular color. I think the blonde was just a little bit too much in that length for me. I have tried this color in the shorter link, so I will link it down below, so you can see how that actually looks, so if you want to get a shorter length for this wig, you can definitely do that the only thing I would say for nadula is. I don't know what's up with that lace, but you may want to go ahead and fix that cut the lace off cut it back into your hairline. If you need to so that you don't see it as much a little bit of lace showing, but for the prices, I don't want no lace showing, but that's all I got for you guys.