Is baby hair important for lace wigs? The right baby hair style for wigs will make your wig look more natural and real. It is well known that many women will design beautiful baby hair when they do hairstyles because the edges hair will make the whole hairstyle look more attractive and can also increase the realism of the hair, just looking like baby hair growing from their head. If you want to make your hairstyle more special, getting to know baby hair or curly baby hair will be very helpful.

1. What Are Baby Hair? Or What Are Edges Hair?

Because they are usually found in children, they are called baby hair. They are the same color as normal scalp hair but shorter and thinner in appearance. Baby hair can grow to adulthood. It grows on the temples, forehead, above the ears, and near the back of the neck. The amount and location of baby hair you have depends largely on genetics. Baby hair can be straight or curly, so we can see straight and curly baby hair in our life. Because it is short and the number is small, it is more complex to do modeling.

2. What Causes Baby Hair?

When the anagen phase of your hair becomes shorter, baby hair grows. The sebaceous glands or flying sebaceous glands under the baby's hair do not produce enough sebum. This is why baby hair is usually less moisturized and does not grow long compared to other hairs. Baby hair can range from anywhere between 2 mm to a visible length, even from a distance.

3. What Are the Benefits of Baby Hair?

a. Curly Baby hair can make your hairline look more realistic. Baby hair narrows the hairline, and by creating baby hair on the front of the wig, a more natural look can be created.

b. Baby hair highlights your style. Baby hair can be designed in various styles, adding highlights to different hairstyles, making your hairstyle more distinctive, and showing your personality.

c. Baby hair can make your hairstyle more delicate, increase your charm, and make you look more attractive.

4. Charming Curly Baby Hair Wigs Introduction

Curly baby hair wigs are new at Nadula and are hot selling. Because they can give the 4c curly baby hairline and make your hair look most realistic than ever. The following are several charming curly baby hair wigs.

Nadula 13x4 Lace Front Human Hair Wigs with Baby Hair Body Wave

curly baby hair edges

Body wave is the best-selling product, shiny and bouncy, smooth to the touch. It has high quality, 100% virgin hair, no tangling, no shedding, and it is very soft. Pre-plucked is ready, and with the curly baby hair, you can style it easily.

Nadula High-Quality Straight Human Hair Wigs For Women New Kinky Curly Baby Hair Edges Available

straight human hair wigs

It is a 13x4 lace front wig with two kinds of baby hair choice, normal baby hair or kinky curly baby hair edges. The kinky curly baby hair edges are just like your own edges; the edges look very natural and realistic. This wig style is silky straight; if you want to find a long natural silky straight wig, it will be your ideal choice.

Recommendation Kinky Straight Human Hair Wig with Baby Hair Pre-Plucked Affordable Wigs For Women

kinky straight lace wig

This is a kinky straight human hair wig with baby hair, and it is very affordable. You can choose four types: T Part Lace, 4×4 Lace, 13×4 Lace (Normal Edges), and 13×4 Lace (Curly Edges). If your hair is very curly, you can choose a curly edge wig, which will make you look more natural.

Nadula Affordable Kinky Curly Human Hair Wigs With Pre-Plucked Hairline AlwaysAmeera Recommendation

curly baby hair kinky curly

This one is natural black kinky curly human hair wig for black women. It has been pre-plucked and bleached knots. The curly hair gives the wearers a glossy, loosely curled look, and this wig with curly edges. If you want your hair to look fluffy, have a lot of hair volume, and have a natural and authentic look, this wig is a good choice.


If you want your hairstyle to be more attractive, we recommend you choose curly baby hair. You can create a variety of unique styles. Suppose you don't want to take care of and design baby hairs or need more time to design baby hairs. In that case, curly baby hair is a tailor-made hairstyle for you, which can show the appearance of real baby hair to the greatest extent, and you don't have to do any design. You can look genuine and natural. If you want to know more about Curly Baby Hair Wigs, you can visit