Do you often buy wigs online? In case you didn't know, the amount of money you buy wigs can be exchanged for points, which you can redeem for small gifts on the wig site, or for the chance to get wigs for free. Today, I'm going to tell you how to use nadula hair points.

6 ways to use Nadula hair points

As one of the leading professional suppliers of human hair products, nadula hair insists on providing different styles of wigs with high quality and affordable prices since its establishment. Nadula hair has never stopped pursuing constant innovation and superior quality, which is why nadula hair has earned a wide reputation. There are 6 ways to use nadula hair points.

At the beginning, you need to log in to your account at nadula hair, click on the icon above, and go to the“my points” screen, you can see how many points your account has. You can use account points in the following 6 functions.

1. Points redeem code

With the points redeem code, you can exchange 50 to 200 points for $2, $5, and $10, once the exchange is successful, you can click the "shop now" button.
Choose the wig you like, ensure the style and size of the wig, and if your order is over $129, fill in the coupon code on the "discount code" screen, and your final order will be reduced by $10. In addition, there is no usage threshold for $5 and $2 coupons, but these coupons cannot be used together.

2. Points redeem items

In the points redeem items, users can use the points of their account to redeem small gifts, such as nadula electric straightening comb, nadula custom bag, nadula silk nightgown robe, and so on. Different small gifts also require different amounts of dollars and points. For example, if you want to redeem the nadula fake 3d mink lashes, you need to use 100 points, click the “shop now” button, and finally pay only $5.90 to get it.

3. Points bet for free wig

In this part, users have the chance to get free wigs through points bet activity. Use the points to bet on the products you want before the end of the event. Every 100 points is 1 bet. The more bet, the greater the chance of winning.
For example, I have placed 20 bets, and the total number of bets on the product is 100 bets, so my chance of winning is 20/100=20%. You can add multiple bets to your favorite products to get a higher chance of winning. Winners will be randomly selected by the system, the more bets, the greater the chance of winning. By the way, points for participating in the activity will not be refunded.

4. Lucky draw

Do you like the lottery? In the lucky draw activity, users need to use 10 points to turn the wheel, and there are 2 chances per day. If your 2 chances are used up, you can click the "share" button, and after sharing with your friends get an extra chance to turn the wheel.
If you win a free hair, please contact the customer service of nadula hair to obtain it. The points will be automatically added to your account. Gifts will also be automatically added to your shopping cart. The coupon is only valid for 7 days.

5. Lucky ball

The rules of the lucky ball and lucky draw are similar, please log in or register before you play the game, and then users need to click “GO” to join the game with 5 points each time, people have 2 chances per day, share the game link to your friends and ask them to click the link, you will get 1 more chance per day.

6. Lucky spin

Click “Start” to join the game with 10 points each time, users have 2 chances per day and share the game link, after your friends click the link, the users will get 1 more chance per day. Lucky spin is interesting! 


How to get nadula hair points? There is no doubt that you need to buy wigs at nadula hair. Recently, the points of nadula hair have been upgraded. In the past, customers could get 1 point for placing 2 dollars, but now they can get 5 points for 1 dollar. Previously, 10% of the order amount could be deducted by using points, but now 99% of the order amount can be deducted. When you buy a wig, 100 points = $1, and the customer can use the points to deduct 99% of the order amount, provided that the customer has enough points, for example, if the customer orders $100, she has 10,000 points, then she can use 9900 points to deduct $99, only need to pay $1.