Mother's Day is coming soon, on this day full of love and gratitude, companionship and blessings, flowers and gifts are all gratitude and praise to every great and loving mother. On this day dedicated to mothers, how can we express our love? Spending time for the company, blessings with flowers and cards, thoughtful gifts, and more are all great ways to do it. If you haven't made up your mind yet, Nadula Hair has prepared a surprise gift for you on Mother's Day here, come and have a look.

Every woman is very beautiful, and so is the mother. Maybe time has left some traces of time on their faces, but she will always be the most beautiful mother in our hearts. Wigs are another effective way to create a beautiful and fashionable look besides makeup. Nadula Hair is born for beauty, to be bold, to be confident, to be you is our goal. So on Mother's Day this year, Nadula Hair specially launched the Buy One Get One Wig Free activity, and there are also great discounts, Let you buy high-quality products at lower prices. The following is the specific Mother's Day event information.

1. Buy 1 Get 1 Free-One For Mom, One For Yourself

buy 1 get 1

In this event area, there are 12 Nadula selected and hot-selling products, each with its own characteristics. There are different hair colors, textures, and styles for you to choose from, and the price is cheap. You can buy two identical wig products at the price of one wig, one for your mother and the other for yourself. It hangs out together, and you both look beautiful, elegant, and full of life, and you could be mistaken for sisters instead of mother and daughter.

nadula headband wig

You can choose any one you like in this event area, take the classic Jerry Curly Headband Wig above as an example. If you want to buy this wig, you only need to add it to the shopping cart, add the quantity as 2, and fill in the discount code: FREE when you pay, so that what you actually pay is only the price of a wig.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Wig!!!

    • Step1:Add 2 Items In Your Cart
    • Step 2: Apply Code: FREE When Check Out
    • Step 3: You Only Need to Pay For 1 Wig

    2. Big Discount On Mother's Day, Up To $120 Off


    The details of Mother’s Day exclusive discount are as follows, please don't forget to use the discount code:

    $10 Off Order $99

    $30 Off Order $199

    $120 Off Order $699

    Code: Mom

    The time of the above two Mother's Day surprise activities is 5.10-5.16. Time and stock are limited, don't miss this opportunity, act now.

    3. Low To $55- 24 Hours Only

    low price

    Next is the Flash Deal area, click the link and you can see that there are 12 popular human hair wigs in different lengths, textures, and colors for you to choose from. If you like curly hair, classic Jerry Curly, body wave, and kinky curly can keep you stylish and elegant. If you want to change your style and try wigs of other colors, you must try the honey blonde highlight wig, which is popular this year. It can instantly brighten your skin tone and blend well with the summer sun, giving people a soft, bright, and Fresh, and stylish feeling. In addition to this color, black and blonde balayage is also a favorite choice of many people, because it realizes the transition from black hair to blonde hair, and is a great choice for people who like to be low-key. In addition, there are light brown and burgundy human hair color wigs, so that you can easily become a fashion girl. If you like short hair, there are also high-quality bob wigs with perfect cuts and cheap, so you can easily create the perfect summer hairstyle.


    The above is the Mother's Day event launched by Nadula Hair this year. I hope that every mother can wear her favorite wig, put on her favorite clothes, put on beautiful makeup, and be confident and bold in the upcoming festival dedicated to mothers. Always beautiful and happy. Happy Mother's Day to all the great mothers.