My name is Wynne Jean. Today I'm going to show you all how I got this really cute, fluffy, round, curly cut with like a bang situation. I feel like a lot of people wear their curly hair kind of super defined. I really wanted to go for something really bouncy, full and just looked really natural.

Nadula jerry curly wave lace frontal curly edge affordable wig

Nadula jerry curly wave lace frontal curly edge affordable wig

Today's video is sponsored by Nadula hair, they sent me this curly wig with curly edges. I want to show you guys my entire installation process from the box to finish. So this is the wig, it's Jerry curly hair with curly edges, and the little curl came so cute. I didn't want to have to mess it up, but I have to bleach these knots.

First thing I need to prep the wig. I'm gonna go ahead and take out the adjustable strap, and I'm also going to get rid of any additional combs and the excess lace on the back. Nadula jerry curly wave lace frontal curly edge affordable wig
I only keep the one comb in the back, all the other combs I get rid of. As you can see, the knots need to be bleached as well. So I'm going in with a little bit of hairspray, and I'm just spraying that on the edges of the hair, and brushing everything straight back, and that helps to make sure that we don't actually dye the hair. Nadula jerry curly wave lace frontal curly edge affordable wig
We're only dyeing the roots. I flip the wig inside out and put a paper towel on the inside to create a bit of contrast. So I can see where the hair starts and stops on the wig, and really make sure that I bleach the entire hairline.
Now, we can put the wig on, the jerry curly wig is nice, prepped, and ready to go. I hate having stuff on my ears, so I always go in and trim my ear tabs first, just so everything can lay nice and flush. jerry curly wig
And then, I'm using my scissors to kind of cut a jagged line across the front right in front of, where the hairline starts, you want to leave a little bit of lace not too much, but just a little bit of extra lace because it really makes your install lay nice and flat, and gives you that melted look. So now that we have our wig prepped. let's go ahead and get into the installation.

nadula hair

Ways to install Nadula jerry curly wave wig

I'm flipping it back, so I can go ahead and apply my gel. I normally use my even spray, but I wanted this wig to last for a couple of days, so I'm going in with gel. I'm applying that down hitting it with my blow dryer, and then laying the lace into it.
My cap came down a little bit too far, so it was kind of sticking out. So I went ahead and trimmed that up a little bit, just to make sure everything is laying nice and flat. I like to take my sweet time with a new install, reinstalling a wig is a lot easier because the lace is already cut, and everything is already customized, but with the first install, you really have to take your time with it.Ways to install Nadula jerry curly wave wig
So I'm going in and trimming the lace and kind of customizing everything to my liking. And then to melt it in. I'm using a little bit of my even spray on the edges, and I really wanted to layer the gel in the spray, so that I can get a nice hold that'll last for at least two to three days. Ways to install Nadula jerry curly wave wig
So once we have our elastic band on, and the lace blade we can go ahead, and get into actually styling the wig. And I'm going for a banging. I want a nice little bang. So I'm going up my razor comb, and cutting this section in the front of my hair first. Ways to install Nadula jerry curly wave wig
And then I'm going to go ahead and blend that shortest layer in all around my head. As you can see, it's creating more of a round shape, when the hair is all one length, it kind of just falls straight down, and it's more heavy on the bottom. I really wanted to have lots of nice layers to kind of accentuate the curls even more, and really make them pop and give me lots of volume. Ways to install Nadula jerry curly wave wig
I actually didn't use my hot comb knot one time for this install, because I really didn't want it to be flat at all. It's my first time installing a wig without using my hot comb in quite some time. I really like the way it came out. I may stop pressing out the roots on my curly wigs. I guess for more voluminous looks, if I'm going for a sleek melted look maybe.
I started to cut with my razor comb, but now, I'm just going ahead and cleaning it up with my scissors, until I have it to my liking. And now, we can get into the baby hair. My favorite part, I only need to use a little bit of foaming mousse for the edges, since the hair is already curled on the edges. It makes it a whole lot easier to style everything, because when you swoop it, it just kind of falls into place, essentially having the edges pre-curled, makes it to that you can kind of skip the step of curling them with the flat iron, and still get those really soft jerry curly baby hair.
I went ahead with my razor comb and kind of trim in a couple of those little shorter pieces, and I love the way that it ended up coming out. I wanted to leave as much of this footage in as possible. So you guys can see how long it actually takes me to get my baby hairs the way that I want them. It is not a quick process, once I have the baby hair to my liking, I'm going in with a little bit more of that foundation on the lace, just to make sure that it blends with my skin tone. And then, I'm going to go ahead and tie everything down for about 10 minutes. And then, I went ahead and defined the curls off-camera because you guys would see me do that a thousand times. I just use my olive oil foaming lotion that is it that's the only product I used.
As you can see, the curls are stunning. I love this hair texture, it's the perfect cross between a kinky curly and a deep wave, and the curls are juicy and fluffy. I really feel like the cut makes it fit my face a lot better and look a little bit more natural, so this is the finished look all the details about the hair will be down below in the description bar if you guys want to go ahead and pick it up, and I will see you guys in my next one. If you want to know more about Nadula real customers' reviews, please click here.